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Posted by Recruitment Smart on July 14th, 2021

The leading HR Tech startup, Recruitment Smart, has been nominated as one of the best HR technology companies providing the most effective recruitment and HR-related solutions. This nomination comes from the venerable website, which recognizes local businesses get the global limelight and the credit they deserve. The website has selected Recruitment Smart as one of the best firms in the UK, offering innovative and disruptive solutions, thus transforming the entire HR industry and its recruitment practices.

Based in London, Recruitment Smart is a B2B SAAS Deep-tech HR platform focusing on providing AI-driven recruitment solutions. With its use of breakthrough technology, the company automates the end-to-end talent supply chain process for businesses to effectively find, evaluate, and hire the best talent, helping them gain a competitive edge. Showing exceptional growth over the last few years, Recruitment Smart has gained clients across Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia.

The also made special mention of the fact that committed management at Recruitment Smart is not only providing benefits to the client but also looking to create a societal impact. The game-changing solutions offered by Recruitment Smart, such as Sniper AI and Jeeves AI, helps companies find the best-fit employees given the job profile, adding value to the employer immediately. The AI-driven platforms from Recruitment Smart have empowered its clients to reduce the time spent on CV scanning by 53% and sourcing costs by 37%. Its robust tools have allowed organisations to automate talent acquisition, reducing the initial screening funnel by 60%.

The proprietary machine-learning algorithm, used in the AI-driven platforms, has helped clients identify and eliminate inherent biases by over 40%, promoting fair recruitment practices. It enables businesses to conduct Equitable hiring, promoting bias-free recruitment, thus boosting diversity and inclusion at the workplace. While doing so, the HR-Tech giant strives to help its clients create a diverse pool of talented professionals, promoting innovation and development.

Recruitment Smart has always strived to build products that are highly attuned and customised according to the needs of its customers. The proprietary technology and advanced algorithms empower the clients to streamline hiring and enhance candidate engagement. The tools and platforms apply data science and Heuristic AI, delivering results at a blazing speed with stunning accuracy.

Talent Analytics designed by Recruitment Smart enables organisations to improve the efficacy of the talent acquisition as it helps them analyse large fragmented datasets of the existing workforce, thus offering critical insights into the prospective talent pool. It can also assess the interview videos and evaluate a candidate’s personality in a bias-free manner to identify the “best fit” for the job.

Additionally, also listed Recruitment Smart as one of the top companies in the UK for providing the best workplace culture. The company focuses on offering ample growth opportunities for employees on both personal and professional fronts. Over the years, Recruitment Smart has developed an open space for employees to work in with a lot of spontaneity and freedom of expression, thus promoting creative ideas and innovation. The workplace culture at Recruitment Smart inspires employees to enhance their productivity as they are given due respect and appreciated for every goal they achieve.


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