Music Is A Therapy For Soul And Body

Posted by Srisha on March 9th, 2016

What happens when you hear a really good piece of music? You feel a heightened sense of joy and get Goosebumps. Listing to music is one of the most pleasurable activities that serves as a food for soul. When we talk about good music, one name that comes to our mind is Srisha-one of the leading Tamil playback singers female, whose perfection in singing the notes earned her the title of ‘Super Singer’. In this article we will read why music is important for our soul and body.

Music increases your focus

If you need to focus, you should try listening to good music. Some recent researches have discovered that music leads to brain changes that boost attention and memory. Music that has always been part of Singer Srisha’s growing up years has helped her to gain focus that enables her to give impeccable performances on stage. It’s her dedication and focus that helped her climb the ladders of success and become one of the most sought after Tamil film singers.

Music creates an uplifting experience

There are certain situations in our life that make us feel depressed. Whether, it is heartbreak, excessive workload, or family related stress, we must try music therapy to uplift ourselves in such situations. Music can trigger the brain to release dopamine, which improves mood and can make you feel happier. So, if you have had a bad day, or maybe going through a bad phase in life, try listening to mellow music, especially classical music. Classical music is based on Ragas that bring body and mind into harmony. There are many good Tamil classical singers like, Srisha whose soothing voice can help you achieve a calm state of mind and become one with peace and tranquillity.

Music is good for children

Music is a natural part of our lives. The early introduction of music to your child does more than entertain; it plays an important part in the developmental years of your kid’s life offering lifelong benefits. Music contributes to a rich sensory environment, making him learn things easily and achieving a balanced personality.

Improves your sleep quality

If you suffer from sleepless nights or experience difficulty falling asleep, listening to music can help you overcome the problem and enjoy quality sleep. Low and soft music, or classical music based on various ragas works just as well as sleep inducing medication.

Where to find good music?

To achieve the benefits listed above, listening to music is not enough; we must listen to good music, which soothing tune and rhythm. Now, the question arises, how to find good music. There is a wealth of excellent music out there, like Singer Srisha’s soothing melodies that soothe your soul and ears like balmy breeze of gentle west wind. This popular Tamil classical singer’s mesmerizingly mature voice, never fails to cast a spell on the audience whether she sings within the four walls of an auditorium or for a larger audience.

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