Disadvantages of Using WordPress

Posted by kilobytes technologies on July 14th, 2021

Before starting using WordPress, one should always consider first by looking into the con sections, specifically to all the new users. There is several Wordpress development company in Mumbai, using and providing the writing services via this platform. About more than 60% of Wordpress development company in Mumbai, also state the disadvantages of Wordpress while using.

Therefore, always consider with a WordPress expert, list their personal experience, and choose whether the software is completely helpful in increasing the insights of your website. According to the opinions taken into consideration from the Wordpress development company in Mumbai, below are some of the disadvantages of using Wordpress:

Disadvantages of Using WordPress are stated as follows:


  • Quick updates:

Installing updates on WordPress is very important in order to help in the successful working of your account, if not done from time to time, your WordPress account will start hanging up a lot creating tons of problems.

The premium WordPress themes are often updated and also improved by the team, but these updates are very hard to maintain proper security on the WordPress websites.

These updates can bring small problems to your website which at times may cause revert actions and can go back to your older WordPress state. Therefore, to prevent this team from Arc Stone we vet, updated them personally before sending it to their client’s websites.

Thus, if you do not have a developer or IT team, then it might be best for you to at least have a professional host by your side that can support your WordPress website.

  • The potentiality of hackers:

As WordPress is an open-source platform, it can therefore draw attention towards the occurrence of potential hackers. Thus, to reduce the risk, it would be good for the users to cautiously choose the plug-in and themes for your WordPress website. This always helps in maintaining the quality of a WordPress plug-in and thus one should install with huge caution.

  • More loading time:

Certain themes available on WordPress can take up a lot of useless generic code which can result in a decrease in the speed of your website and also can increase the loading times. Therefore, if you do not have prior WordPress experience, then it can be quite hard for you to understand the coding you need and the coding you can do without it.

  • Expensive customization:

Every individual hesitates a bit when it comes to customizing your website, but at a certain charge. WordPress is known to be a very flexible and simpler tool in comparison with several other drags and drop web builder tools.

But, if you are not a WordPress expert then you won’t be able to develop your website as it will cause several issues. Updating the core of WordPress causes several problems on your website as these updates at a point break up the functionality. Therefore, if you are not having the best practices related to designing your website, this will all result in an issue.

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