Society is increasingly concerned about the environmental crisis. Given the real

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The economic is ecological and the ecological is economic. Producing without damaging the environment is also a business opportunity, a competitive factor that we must not miss. The normal thing is that preventing the negative effects of activity involves future savings by not having to assume certain environmental costs and ahead of competitors in a productive ethic that will gradually prevail.
Shared responsibility. All citizens must be involved in the environmental issue. Today, positive actions are being encouraged with the spirit that not only penalizes damages but also rewards those who voluntarily adhere to the care of the natural environment.
Problem-solving should be done from the lowest level of involvement. In other words, although the Administrations have the obligation to collaborate and participate in a complementary manner, we cannot expect them to always assume the functions that other private agents can perform efficiently.
Prevention is better than cure. Avoiding or reducing problems before they appear is the most effective way to fix them.
Sustainability of the activities. Respect the natural cycles of renewal, or what is the same, make use according to the capacity of the ecosystem itself.
Whoever polluter pays. When environmental damage is carried out, all the inherent costs of the same must be assumed. It is not only a question of motivating the population to bear all the costs of the pollution produced, it is also necessary to prioritize recycling, reuse, recovery and reduction of waste. Today, the priority objective must be to prevent them from generating such damage.

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If it is kept, it can be charged. A very important principle for rural areas, where policies have been derived to make agricultural activity clearly environmentalist work.
Internalize environmental costs. The activities must bear all the costs, both intangible and tangible, avoiding transferring to the rest of society the harmful effects of carrying out a particular activity, which frequently occurs taking advantage of the fact that many of these effects are hardly seen or are difficult to quantify from the first moment.
Environmental integration of activities. To the exclusively monetary valuation that is made of the economic activities, other values ​​must be added, environmental, social, cultural, to arrive at global management of the companies.
Green sells. Although it is a principle that many people associate with a marketing strategy, it is true that there is a more positive attitude on the part of consumers towards products that respect the environment. One of the pieces of evidence is the complex system of labels and certification protocols, which have emerged to guarantee that these products are effectively obtained following the established criteria.
Think globally, act individually and locally. We know that any environmental problem can have extensive repercussions, and cause effects that, accumulated over time, have very large results. But it is also found that one of the best weapons is education and environmental awareness. Consumption habits, travel habits, the way we eat… everything has an influence, and the sum of the positive effects will always be proportional to the people involved.

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