Which is your Favorite Gold Earring Style?

Posted by sunainaram on March 10th, 2016

An earring is not a mere accessory, but a fashion statement! It is an ornament that underlines your unique style and shows off your personality. Are you wondering how such a small accessory can have such a huge effect? Just check out in the mirror how you look before and after wearing earrings. You got the point!!

The market is flooded with numerous styles and designs of gold earrings. Online shopping for these accessories are also a craze these days. Many women prefer to buy earrings online in India as it is convenient and affordable. Plus, you will have the assurance that you are getting genuine gold products and full value for your money.

When you to an online jewelry store, you will be able to see the sheer variety of styles and patterns of earrings available. With so many varied options to choose from, it will be hard to make a satisfied decision.

One of the simplest types of earrings, studs are small and usually contained within the ear lobe. These earrings come in different shapes such as round, oval, diamond, star, flower, and more. Diamond solitaire earrings are classy and match most outfits. If you check out diamond and gold earrings while online shopping, you will be able to see a variety of traditional and contemporary styles of studs. Traditional styles are solitaires, lotus shaped, star shaped and floret shaped. Contemporary designs will have asymmetrical shapes and abstract patterns.

Drop earrings:
As the name says, these type of earrings “drop” from the earlobe. There are two basic types of drop earrings – with or without stud. The length of the dangling part can be short to extravagantly long. Such earrings are also known as dangle earrings or pendant earrings.

Hoop earrings
Circular or semi-circular in shape, these earrings are designed to look like a ring. Hoop earrings suit most face shapes and come in various sizes. One style of hoop earring is designed to be threaded through the hole in the ear lobe. There’s another style of hoop earring that look like a ring attached to a stud. You thread in the stud in your ear lobe and the ring hangs in the front of the ear. When you buy earrings online in India, you should definitely check out this earring style.

While taking about gold earrings, how can we forget the traditional favorite of Indians – the Jhumkas? These classical pieces have taken a modern twist and are available in all shapes from dainty small to stunning chandelier-shaped pieces. The basic design of this earring is very simple. It has a cone-shaped dangle that is attached to a stud. If you want to go for a showy piece, you can choose one with intricate designs and patterns.

Ear cuffs
Want to make a fashion statement with your accessories – go for ear cuffs. These earrings are designed in the shape of the ear. They will hug the line of your ear from the ear lobe to the helix (top of the ear).

With so many different styles and patterns of earrings to choose from, what’s your favorite?

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