Join in Deadman Tournament to Win 000 with rs Deadman Gold on RSorder

Posted by accolac99 on March 10th, 2016

Deadman players! Are you trying your hard to do your best in Deadman mode to get the highest Deadman hiscores in game? On Monday 21st March the fight for ,000 begins as we open a brand new Deadman mode server for 6 days. Accessible only by the top 2,000 Deadman mode players! Make sure to gather enough RS Deadman gold cheap on RSorder to ensure you can make the most of the 000 Deadman Tournament. Time to join Rsorder 6% or 9% off cheap Deadman mode gold/ rs 2007 gold/ rs 3 gold for sale During 3.7-3.22.

Top 2000 players compete for $ 10000

Top 2000 Deadman player with highest hiscores are able to take part in the Deadman Tournament. Deadman Tournament will start on a new server only for 6 days. That is to say, all Deadman players have to start from scratch, and last winner of the completion after 6 days will win the 00! Jagex will be taking the top 2,000 Deadman accounts from the Deadman hiscores on Wednesday 16th March. Guys, there is no time left for you to be a top 2000 and win the 000, so just make sure to buy cheapest RS Deadman gold on RSorder to help you achieve your goal. On Saturday 26th March things will reach a climax during the last hour of the tournament server being online.

Seasonal Deadman will come after Deadman Tournament

Another good news to Deadman player! A series new Deadman worlds will open for Deadman players. Players will need new accouts to play on Deadman seasonal! Players are also able to use Dragon Claws, PvP armour or other things in seasonal Deadman worlds. Some of you may wonder what is the different between seasonal Deadman and current Deadman mode. It worth to point out that the seasonal servers will be an addition rather than a replacement of Deadman mode. So you can always buy RS Deadman gold cheap on RSorder if you need RS gold on current Deadman mode.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up to hop onto a Deadman world and get grinding. You will want to throw yourself in game and aim to be one of the top 2000 Deadman players to win 000 home. Whenever you need RS Deadman gold on game, you can buy Deadman gold cheap on RSorder. RSorder will delivery Deadman gold in game within 10 mins! RSorder March Gift Pack offers all you cheapest and even free RS Deadman gold, just make sure to visit RSorder regurally to ensure you can get cheapest RS Deadman gold on RSorder.

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