Which Industries Are Using High-Density Engineered Thermoplastics

Posted by Michael Luis on July 14th, 2021

With the progression of technology, the engineering world has reached a new level. Thanks to the innovation in material science, new elements have come to the market, which is pushing engineering to extreme levels. Easy availability of these elements is now making impossible things possible.

High density engineered thermoplastics is one such element that has taken the engineering world to a new height. In the engineering world, it is a new material, but it has already proved its capability. For this reason, many industrial sectors are using it widely. Let’s learn the benefit of this material and where it is being used currently.

Real-world application of High density engineered thermoplastics

•    Ammunition industry

Most bullet tips are made from lead. It is an expensive metal, which is not good for human health. For this reason, the military looked for an alternative. After lots of research, they have developed this high-density engineered thermoplastic. Now the military is using this element as a Lead substitute.

Bullets made from high-density engineered thermoplastics are called “Green bullets”. Compared to conventional bullets they are much more inexpensive. You can see their usage in the gun range. These bullets are eco-friendly and don’t cause any harm to the environment.

•    Automobiles

Every car vibrates when it gets into motion. This vibration can damage the internal parts of the vehicle. Along with this damage, the car also makes creaking noise, which feels very irritating. To reduce this vibration, top-level OEMs have looked into new materials for a solution.

High-density engineered thermoplastic works great for vibration dampening. It absorbs the kinetic energy generated from the movement. For this reason, you will hear less creaking noise in those cars where high-density engineered thermoplastics have been used. Now it has become one of the favorite materials of top-level OEMs.

•    Hospitals

Another effective quality of high-density engineered thermoplastic is its Radiation shielding capacity. Medical imagining machines like X-ray and CT scan machines produce many harmful rays. Most hospitals use the heavy lead shield to protect their staff from these harmful rays.

Unfortunately, the heavyweight of lead makes these shields inconvenient to wear. Due to the same reason, working with these shields wearing is more difficult. High-density engineered thermoplastic is lightweight. Hence, you can wear the shield made from this element very easily. Most hospitals are choosing engineered thermoplastic shields over old lead shields.

Ecomass is a nontoxic high density engineered thermoplastic. This element can be easily molded into any shape. For this reason, it can be used in many fields of engineering. Due to its low weight and high tensile strength, it has become very popular in many industries. It can also withstand high temperatures and help you get maximum performance from your mechanical devices.

People who pioneered in engineering understood its benefit and incorporating it into their products. Recently, a premium golf club manufacturer understood the benefit of this element and incorporated it into their product. Golf club made from this manufacturer has become very popular in the market. You can also use this material in your products and increase their performance.

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