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If meat is fresh and it does not taste right, serve other foods that contain protein, such as

-beans or pea in soup, salads or side dishes



-egg dishes

-Fish- fresh, frozen, canned

-instant breakfast-type drinks or other nutritional beverages

-pasta and tomato sauce




-peanut butter





Other suggestions for meat:

-try meat prepared in combination with other foods, such as chili, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, casseroles and stew

-try sauces, ketchup and other seasonings which may improve the flavor

-try marinating meat, chicken or fish in marinades soy sauce, sweet fruit juices

-try salty, spicy or smoked meats such as ham, sausage, cold cuts, or salami

-try high protein foods that may taste better cold or at room temperature. Make sure you do not let the foods stand at room temperature to avoid the risk of food poisoning


Here are some general suggestions:

-foods that look appealing often taste better

-vary the color, temperature and texture of foods

-garnish foods with a lemon wedge, orange slice cherry tomato or spring of parsley and set an attractive table.

-drink liquids often or use gum mints to remove a bad taste in your mouth

-try using plastic utensils if you have a metallic or bitter taste in your mouth when you eat.

-check your dentist to see if you have a dental problem. Maintain good dental hygiene




In some cases your doctor may adjust your medications to reduce or eliminate side effects. Do not stop taking your medications until your doctor tells you

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