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Posted by Vinvian62 on March 11th, 2016

Offering only the first three of total seven Acts in Korea, the western Blade & Soul had attracted more than two million players to sign up within the first month of release, showing that Blade & Soul is definitely a potential success. But the game is more than that - at least 3 new blade & soul chapters will be released in this year. A new wave of BNS Gold buying is coming soon!

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At least 3 new chapters will come this year

To begin with, the story of Blade & Soul is comprised of acts or chapters, and so far the game in South Korea has released Act 7. Fours years later than that in Korea, the western version (North America and Europe) has now launched the first 3 acts. However, according to the game's producer Nicolas Coutant in NCsoft West, at least three new chapters will come fast in this year.
“The fourth Act will be released soon, alongside a major content update called Silverfrost, since it’s basically a major new chapter in the story. We are also planning to release Acts five and six later this year.” told by Nicolas Coutant. As for the requirement to reach new content, Nocolas told that all new content is free to everyone, but as it is linear, players will be required to complete all the previous blade & soul chapters for further access
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