Diagnose Bipolar Disorder With A Lithium Enzymatic Assay Kit

Posted by Madison Adams on March 11th, 2016

A large pool of medical conditions and diseases can now be diagnosed at early onset. Do you know how? With an emerging field of “biotechnology”, a wide spectrum of diseases and illnesses can be diagnosed and treated without further damage to individuals. Biotechnology is a blend of biology and technology, which addresses research-oriented techniques and methodologies to identify and cure deadly diseases. It spans around the study of the human body, its structure, physiology, and biology. Biotechnology shares a close relationship with pharmaceutical industry. As based upon biotechnological research, a variety of drugs, medical techniques and technologies are introduced, every now and then.

With recent advancement and development in the biotechnological arena, fast and accurate diagnosis of a multitude of diseases is achieved. Based on enzymatic reactions within an individual, medical conditions can be identified. Enzyme assays are one of the most popular laboratory methods for measuring enzymatic activities. They are very essential for the study of enzyme inhibition and enzyme kinetics. Enzyme assays are conducted to serve two different purposes. First is to identify a special enzyme, and prove its presence or absence in a distinct specimen such as an organism or a tissue. The second purpose is to determine the amount of the enzyme in the sample.

These enzymatic assays are qualitative measurement tools and underline grounds for different diseases and illnesses. Any aberration in the assay will mark for an illness or some medical condition. Human specimens such as tissue, blood samples, serum, and others are used to run an assay. One prominent assay is a lithium enzymatic assay. The intended use of this assay is for the quantitative determination of lithium in human serum. Measurements of lithium are carried out essentially to ensure that the proper drug dosage is administered in the treatment of a patient suffering from bipolar disorder and to avoid toxicity. Human serum is calibrated and lithium is spectrophotometrically determined. To carry out this assay, laboratories today, buy lithium enzymatic assay kits and analyze the results obtained.

Another enzymatic assay kit is a homocysteine enzymatic assay kit which is quite frequently used for in vitro quantitative determination of total L-homocysteine in serum or plasma. This assay assists in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suspected of having hyperhomocysteinemia and homocystinuria. Nowadays, enzymatic assays are quite frequently used to determine a medical condition in an individual. Also, these test results are quite accurate and precise.

Laboratories and hospitals make use of these kits to diagnose and treat patients. If you are looking for excellent quality assay kits, look online. Today, a lot of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies develop most up-to-date and automated biochemistry analyzers in user-friendly formats. Products include test kits for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer markers, renal disease, diabetes, and electrolytes.

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