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Posted by sere on July 15th, 2021

Now more and more children choose to play outdoors, then what is suitable for children's entertainment equipment? Below, SWIFTECH recreation recommends several outdoor children's play equipment based on numerous customers' business experiences.

First, large inflation slide

Large inflatable slides are characterized by drill, climbing, sliding, running, jumping, can meet children's nature, they can match colors, and have strong entertainment and free combination, which not only provides entertainment experience, Also let them exercise.

Second, children bungee

Because the jumping is the child's nature, when the child is playing bun, I can exercise for my parents, and the child can exercise and have fun. The key is that the bungee investment is relatively small, a bungee price is 1000 yuan, each charge 10 yuan each, which is a low investment high return children's play equipment.

Third, children's battery car

Outdoors, battery cars are one of children's favorite amusement equipment, is also the first choice for many operators. The investment in the battery car is small, but the revenue is very good because the battery car is usually 5 minutes, and the charge is 5-10 yuan. One car can generate an income of 20-40 yuan per hour, and 6 hours a day, if there are 10 cars, the income is 1200-4,000 yuan.

The above three kinds of children's play equipment are more suitable for outdoor children, and the products that are often selected by operators, others are suitable for open-air amusement equipment: rotating Trojans, small trains, rotating aircraft, inflatable sand pools and other available products.

If you are interested in our products, please leave your contact information, we will contact you right away! Many customers see the intulent castle of SWIFTECH Amusement production is a beautiful appearance, atmospheric, beautiful, in fact, the intrinsic quality of the air castle is also the same. The superior, the specific is as follows:

1. Inflatable castle structure is reasonable and beautiful, installed, fast, and convenient transportation. With a variety of specifications, it can adapt to the requirements of different sites.

2. Leyuan uses environmentally friendly PVC raw materials, safe and non-excitement, and more assured of children.

3. Castle guardrail is higher processing, safe protection is more reliable.

4. Survey of security buckle, wind weather is reinforced, and more reliable.

5. Inflatable castle fan adopts high-pressure blower, large air volume, high wind pressure, good quality, can blow the inflatable castle in a short time.

6. Easy to repair, equipped with glue and repair materials, damaged place, can repair themselves, improve business efficiency.

7. After-sales protection, professional after-sales team resolves the postpone period.

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