The role and benefits of smart locks in hotel operations?

Posted by sere on July 15th, 2021

As a result of a thousand years of industries, the environment is very big, and the customer's vision has become very discerning, and the current customers are not the same as before, many people pay attention to the spiritual enjoyment, hotel experience The better, the higher the chance, the hotel wants to attract users for a long time, and the different experience is very necessary, and the hotel lock, the first level of the customer who has entered the room, is very important Role, today Fuyu gives you to what intelligent locks do in the hotel operation.

The interests of the hotel locks to the hotel

Have to say, increase customer satisfaction, let the hotel more efficient and fast, Fuyu smart door locks play an important role and is committed to providing one-stop solution for the hotel. Powerful App Hotel Management System, which is suitable for managing massive listings, improves service grade, and also adds guest satisfaction.

Suitable for short-term, daily rental, hotel, apartment office intelligent management system, for customers: only need to have a mobile phone, no card, key. For hotel managers, abandon tradition, convenient for internal management, real-time update information, keep abreast of room information, high safety factor.

Fuyu originated from innovation, development and innovation, and smart locks are a big direction. The application technology and design innovation have entered a new development period, maturely mastered the fusion application technology of password, induction card, backup key, wireless management system. Increased the reaction efficiency and safety rate of the hotel lock, solved the technical problems that the lock industry facing the energy consumption, anti-peek, anti-technology, completed self-technical breakthroughs and industry technology breakthroughs.

As a new product, smart lock is in many hotels, the current usage is relatively low, and many hotels are still using the door locks such as the house card, and the Fuyu door locks are compared to the house card, and the overall experience will increase, Fuyu Technology has also increased its strength in design and upgrading, with market demand, only to develop more safe, more convenient hotel locks, and contribute to smart urban construction while giving consumer living security.

What are the benefits of using hotel locks?

The hotel industry has always been a very hot industry, especially in this era, as people's living standards have improved, more and more people travel, more and more people, hotel hotels are often in some holidays It will have a full situation. With the development of society, modern people prefer multivariate consumer experiences. According to this situation, the hotel lock is born, especially the hotel APP lock, but also the favorite of the people, then the hotel uses the hotel What are the benefits of locking?

Hotel locks include hotel mobile phone app smart lock, Bluetooth hotel lock, card hotel lock, each smart lock is installed with hotel APP management system, "Cloud" service is real-time management massive listings, saving time and effort, intelligence.

The hotel lock installed the APP management system. The administrator receives the customer's scheduled listings. You can send mobile key information to the guests through the management system, the hotel room information, etc., without site management.

Using the hotel lock, you can discard the room card system, the cloud service is automatically procedures and check-out, realize the hotel's reservation, check-in, check-out, service all-line automation, greatly reduce the cost of hotel operation, and also greatly improve the hotel The performance efficiency, the ultimate result is that users feel very convenient to become the preferred hotel for users.

The hotel is a kind of service industry. The good experience is natural, not only from the experience of the big environment, the details are also very important, such as the door lock this, the hotel lock can be used for users. Experience, but also reduce the operating costs of the hotel, one fell in two, is the preferred product of the hotel industry details service experience.

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