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Posted by sere on July 15th, 2021

Why is the smart lock industry so hot? Why can't I participate in so many giants?

In 2017, it was a year of intelligent lockout. Although the emergence of smart door lock is no longer two years, but in the past, there are more active in B-terminal markets, such as hotels, apartments, office buildings and other commercial places, home smart locks are still very low in China, and many users have smart locks. They are only known to their name.

What fire is in the home field? There is no doubt that of course is a smart home; that is in the intelligent home field, what fire? Many people think that it is a smart lock. The fire of the smart lock for home is different from the intelligent house to conceptual fiery, because the smart lock has passed the stage of the concept of hype, and it is walking into the home of the usual people.

Then why is the smart lock industry so hot? Why can't I participate in so many giants? Is it just to join in the fun? Of course, it is mainly because of the following reasons in the FuYu smart lock:

First, the market capacity is huge. There are 14 billion people in China, nearly 400 million families, but the penetration rate is less than 3%, that is, the future will have 97% of the family with consumption upgrade, which will be a hundred billion market; At the same time, with the arrival of the exquisite decoration era, the best smart lock pre-installed market capacity is not to be underestimated.

In addition to consumer upgrades and pre-installed markets, the interested interest in the door factory has gradually increased. From this year's Beijing Women's Expo, Yongkang Women's Expo will be seen that the intelligent door has become the main products for the users of the users, and the smart door is of course inseparable from the smart lock, so this piece is also a huge market.

Second, the trend is like a flood, it is unstoppable. Since Apple's smartphone, the smartphone has become a pool of the original, killing the mobile phone is basically a piece of film, and in this war, Motorola fell, Nokia fell; Xiaomi, Huawei , OPPO, VIVO and other domestic brands come up.

What does this explain? Note Intelligent has become a unstoppable trend. What is the trend? The trend is the direction of the development of things. Once the development direction is formed, it will not be changed in a short period of time. Therefore, smart locking mechanical locks will also be an unstoppable trend. What are the advantages of smart lock?

Convenience, smart lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, mobile app, WeChat, card, etc., completely get rid of the key to the keys, no need to worry about the key.

Security, smart locks integrate anti-smash alarm, remote monitoring, etc., active prevention functions, more secure than mechanical locks.

Stylish, smart locks in the design, more fashionable, simple, generous, more in line with young aesthetics, and the role of the painting dragon.

Third, the intelligent home entrance is not lost. Regarding the intelligent home entrance, it has always been a discussing topic. Including mobile phones, intelligent routers, smart TVs, etc. have been considered to be inlet of smart home, but after years of tearing, the growth space has become gradually narrow.

Then, the giant door is considered to be a new smart home entrance? First, the door and lock are the physical entrance of the family, with a "two high" characteristics of high viscosity and high frequency of use; second, smart lock is still a blue sea market, there is no strong brand, there are many giants to think Become a leader in this field. Therefore, major brands want to compete for this entrance.

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