If they just gave us crazy power in there where we mow down teams

Posted by Megaomgchen on July 15th, 2021

If they just gave us crazy power in there where we mow down teams it would not be quite as bad. Rather it's mostly crap, a couple that WOW TBC Gold are crap unless you receive the perfect two or three skills, and a few more thay are good. Nothing really spec shifting either.

The crazy part about WoW for me personally is that the usage of the PTR to check expansions and patches using gamers. It is essentially free labor by players. I know that Torghast in the alpha was very popular with pretty much ever WoW content founder I followed. Yet they rather carved out most of the interesting bits, forced players to undergo it for yet another currency, and then still had to return and nerf it because they had added in random affixes that were very unpopular.

SWTOR these days is pretty damned fine since they shifted it up and made it so just performing the story missions about the planets was sufficient, and the stories are great, though some expansions are definitely better than others.

If you would like to experience a game with a fantastic story you can casual for your hearth's content without sacrificing the simple MMORPG mechanics (that I personally think ESO lacks), I advise you attempt FFXIV. On top of that, unlike WoW, FFXIV retains all dungeons and raids level synced and has them on a roulette, which means that you can always find gamers to conduct them more or less how they had been at launch.

Private stories make me want to buy TBC Classic Gold play all of the races and have fun with them, get to know their stories. I will willy-nilly across the map and there is a pursuit and someone to talk to everywhere.

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