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Posted by Liz Seyi on July 15th, 2021

The fabulous weather seen across the UK over the last few weeks has led to an unsurprising surge of interest in private swimming pools, as many homeowners consider what relatively ‘COVID-proof’ options are available that would enable them to take a dip (almost) whenever they like. 

However, certain mistaken beliefs have also long arisen about what it means to have a private swimming pool of one’s own. So, as a leading specialist in swimming pool supplieshere at Pool Warehouse, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of those myths. 

Home pools are only for people with big gardens 

This myth is an understandable one. After all, many people’s fantasies about having their own pool at home are first activated by photos they might have seen in magazines or on the Internet of celebrities enjoying a dip in an especially large private pool.

But in the real world, you hardly need to own a palace in order to find room for a home swimming pool. Even the smallest ofPlastica’s premium wooden pools that can be purchased from Pool Warehouse – the Exercise Pool– measures a mere 2.4 metres by 3.9 metres. That’s sufficiently modestly proportioned for a small garden, but still big enough to allow genuine swimming. 

Home pools use a huge amount of water 

As self-evident as this may seem, it’s not necessarily as true as you might think. As long as you maintain your own pool well with the help of specialised swimming pool supplies like those in our store, you don’t actually need to empty and refill your pool every year. It’s also worth bearing in mind that rainwater will serve as a natural (and free!) top-up of your pool water. 

You’ll spend too much time maintaining it for it to be worth the bother 

This is the kind of phrase you might have heard from an uninformed friend or neighbour of yours on mentioning that you were considering buying a home swimming pool. But again, while responsible swimming pool maintenance is hugely important, suggestions that this aspect of pool ownership is an insurmountable hassle are often exaggerated. 

A lot of maintenance woes that home pool owners do suffer from can be attributed to poor decisions made when they were first investing in the pool – not purchasing the most suitable filtration system for it, for instance. But if you do make the right decisions from an early stage, you shouldn’t find yourself spending more than half an hour weekly maintaining your home pool. 

A home pool isn’t exactly the eco-friendly option 

Here’s yet another statement that frequently overlooks the very particular circumstances that apply to each and every pool. Previous analysis has suggested that the use of a home swimming pool – including the electricity and other products likechemicals needed to make this possible – accounts for only a very small fraction of a household’s typical average CO2 emissions. 

And of course, if you have your own swimming pool at home, you probably won’t be making as many journeys to local public indoor pools or lidos. That has to be accounted for in any consideration of a home pool’s environmental impact. 

It’s very expensive to buy and maintain your own pool 

This is another broad perception that isn’t always borne out in reality. Indeed, you only need to browse the range of pools and related supplies here at Pool Warehouse for evidence of how relatively affordable purchasing and operating your own home pool can be. 

The exact cost of a home swimming pool for you will naturally partly hinge on such factors as the size of your pool, and whether or not you heat it. Regardless, though, you should only find yourself spending the equivalent of a few pounds a day on a home pool during the period of the year you’ll be using it. This is broadly similar to how much you might be spending on visits to your local swimming pool right now. 

Owning and maintaining your own swimming pool at home can be a hugely rewarding experience – but of course, it also comes with significant costs and challenges. So, it’s crucial that you are as informed as possible when making decisions on pool ownership – including not only the acquisition of the pool, but also your subsequent spending on essential supplies. 

Swimming pool supplies of all kinds are our specialty here at Pool Warehouse, with heavy discounts often applied on Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs). This allows you to safely treat us as your complete go-to online pool megastore. 

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