Saving Elephants from Being Endangered

Posted by glainmax55 on March 12th, 2016

In the present time if you look around the animal population then you might easily find that many species of animal life is in a lot of danger. They are not able to live up to their life completely. Talking about their life span which has been reduced to a level from where looking back has is very difficult. Let us take an example of elephant whose population is dwindling all around the globe. It has been decreasing with a great speed. For fulfilling many human needs people kill these mammals and utilize their body in either way.
There is very small part of the human population who is interested to save the elephants by some effort or the other. Even if these animals are not that close to extinction, people must find numbers decreasing in a very fast manner. If you consider examples of African elephants you might find them as an endangered species. You might be able to get some of the reasons why these elephants are in a rod to extinction.

Reasons for Elephant Extinction

With the increase in human population along with the extension of the habitat, many elephants have gone homeless. Also due to the increasing demands of people for more space for their house along with for any commercial purpose many elephants do not find spaces to live for. Due to burning down of forests also destroys the living environment of many animals including elephants.
Due to the commercial use of elephant skin and tusks many people kill elephants to get their tusks. They are mostly used to make elephant necklace and elephant rings. Due to increase in poaching activities many elephants are killed every year. This has been one of the big reasons for them being endangered. There are places which are so polluted that have led to the increase in death numbers year by year.

How Can Elephant Conservation Be Done Efficiently?

The main thing to conserve is to conserve the habitat. These habitats include dense forests and far free lands. Due to increase in farming over the years has led to the decrease in elephant population. Making commercial products like elephant pendant and any other things made from elephant body must be banned. They must not be used to carry logs of wood and other heavy things.
Increase in greenery increases elephant’s diet and they stay fit and are easily able to feed their family and themselves. People must be able to open up some charitable trusts that might help in conservation of such an important species as a whole group.

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