Cattery services Stoke-On-Trent: How Are the Animals Cared for

Posted by johnydanes on March 13th, 2016

Ever thought of boarding your cat at a cattery instead of leaving them to the perfunctory care of your neighbour during your days of absence from home? If you wish the best care for your pet when you are away from home, then there is nothing that can serve the end as best as a cattery services Stoke-On-Trent. These catteries or pet boarding houses are places where domestic animals are commercially housed and cared for a certain period of time. Catteries are essentially of two kinds, the one that boards and another that breeds. Horse feeds Stoke On Trent is the same as catteries, only with housing arrangements for horses, mules and the likes.
When Do You Need Cattery Service

When there is a party at your place, or you are travelling for work, finding your cat a second home at one of these boarding catteries of Stoke on Trent is a viable option. They can be housed temporarily in their facilities where there are caretakers 24/7 to look after them. Cattery services Stoke-On-Trent are of great help on occasions like holidays, house relocations, building works, owners’ incapacitation and more. Running to your helpful neighbour with an excuse each time is not favourable option when the need arrived every once in a while.
Care and Hospitality

The catteries and animal boarding centres located through Stoke on Trent are all licensed, and all licensed organizations are inspected by the authority of environmental health operating locally or even nationally. So, you can be assured that your cat will receive care of a certain standard. The animals are attended 24/7 by a veterinary surgeon who is responsible for all medical treatments, emergency or regular for the occupants. With respect to their breeds and sizes, each is allotted a comfortable accommodation where they are kept through the stated time period.
Basic and Advance Accoutrements

You can keep more than just one cat with these lodgings. If your feline friends are comfortable living together, then you can request for a joint cubicle. Or else, they can be given separate, but side-by-side cells. The cells have all amenities needed to assure comfort. Everything from timely meals to comfortable lighting, scratching pads to ventilation and more are offered. They are given foods, drinks and bedding, exercise facilities, play sessions, medicines and more. Even temperature and cleanliness of the cubicles are controlled and taken care of, for the healthy living of the inmates.
Exceptions and Exigencies

In case of fire emergencies, they have a protection model to follow to assure the safe and urgent evacuation of the animals. For those suffering from contagious diseases, quarantine zones are allotted on request. These isolation facilities are sterilized every day and particularly after the evacuation of each inmate. For breeding cats, there are special facilities that are attended by trainees to take care of the needs of breeding.

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