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Posted by Brian Miller on March 13th, 2016

Trailers play an important role in transporting heavy goods. Various types of trailers are available. Each trailer is designed to perform a specific task only. If you want to buy a trailer to carry heavy loads from one place to another, then you should buy low bed trailers, which are also famous as low boy trailers. The main thing is that you have to know very clearly why you want to purchase such a trailer. You should know the features of different trailers and the various types of removable goosenecks to find out which type of trailer will suit your purpose. So, do a lot of research to know what the trailer is capable of before coming to any conclusion.

Different Features of Low Boy Trailers

• Two Drops:  These kinds of trailers generally have two drops to easily carry the cargos that are tall. One drop is located near the rear wheels and one is located very close to the goosenecks.
• Height of low bed heavy trailers: The heights of the beds of these trailers are considerably low. This feature enables it to carry heavy loads of maximum 12feet tall. Only the low bed trailers have this feature and the other trailers are generally having a height of approximately 62 inches. As the height of the bed is very low, it ensures that the equipments can be easily carried on all kinds of roads, irrespective of how rough it is.
• Outstanding carrying capacity: You will be amazed to know that these trailers are capable of transporting 100 tons of goods in a given time. Hence, the buyers regarded it as perfect for hauling heavy equipments like cranes. Therefore, you should pick the right trailer that will be efficient to perform the task in a hassle-free way.

While choosing, take into consideration the weight and type of the cargo, where you are going to transport it, and whether you can use it for a long period of time or not. Other important things that too need your considerations are the condition of the terrain and the requirement of the ground clearance.

You should also know the various purposes that you can serve using these kinds of trailers.

• Farms: Farms require hauling heavy equipments such as tractors. If you use the low boy trailers, you can easily transport the heavy loads from one place to another.
• Construction: Most of the building construction sites need to move bulky construction machines like cranes, bulldozers, and others. The low boy trailers safely transport these heavy equipments to their respective destinations.
• Oilfields: The heavy machines like drill rigs are often used in oilfields. These machines can be easily transported using the low boy trailers.

Hence, you have understood that the main purpose of low boy trailers is to haul large machines. Check out the parts of the trailers especially its goosenecks before buying. You can get a wide variety of removable goosenecks. So, buy the one that suits you most.

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