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Give a Difference Look to Your Personality with Silver Albert Watch Chains

Posted by patricknancy on March 14th, 2016

Do you want to give a difference look to your personality with silver Albert watch chains? If yes, then go for it. Silver Albert watch chains are a personification of elegance. Queen Victoria's husband, Albert had made this style popular. These chains are similar to T-bar versions and are double ended with a decorative string that attached to the buttonhole. Wearers can store a watch in one waistcoat pocket and another item, e.g. pocketknife, in another pocket, and can hang a decorative ornament from the middle section. These types of chains are popular in antique silver.

This type of watch chain is available in the market from very old times. The Silver Albert Watch Chain was also known as Single Albert chain. It was named after Prince Albert who was the husband of Queen Victoria. There are a chain and a watch and also another different feature name drop which is used to attach items such as charm, fob and pocket. Drop differs in length according to a style of chain.

Sterling silver chains carry a hallmark showing an appraisal of a piece and when it was made. All solid silver which has been registered in the UK should carry inspection marks. These marks make sure that silver was tested and met British laws for silver quality and purity, for example, hallmarks were issued in mark London with a Leopard’s Head town mark, in Birmingham having an Anchor town mark London with a Leopard’s Head town mark and in Norwich with a Castle Town Mark. One who wants to buy silver Albert watch chain should consider its different styles available. Its look stylish, unique and best when one wears silver pocket watch chain with matching silver pocket. It is old but gives the antique look.

Famous type of Watch: GOLD POCKET WATCH CHAIN

From the development in the 16th century, Gold pocket watch chain was a most common type of watch because of its trench watches, transitional design. To prevent from being dropped pocket watches generally attached to the chain. Watches get attached to the fob, when its get difficult to handle things on a long chain. The fob is one of the features of gold pocket watch chain. And it provides the protective flap to the pocket watch. Women's watches were attached with watch fobs that were more decorative than protective. Chains were mostly decorated with enamel or silver pendant, carrying arms of some society or club, which by an association is also known as a fob.

These chains were purchased to match pocket watches and the gold was a popular choice among all. However, a softness of gold shows that those chains may show heavy wears and tears.

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