Top Customer Service Trends in Ecommerce You Can not Neglect In 2021

Posted by johnfeltham on July 15th, 2021

If we had to point out one thing that the year 2020 has taught – it would to be to prepare for the uncertain future. We could not predict what is waiting for us ahead. For an eCommerce customer service team it means that they should prepare thoroughly and embrace the change as it comes.

Both the previous and present year has made it difficult for eCommerce companies to function seamlessly. Not to mention, the coronavirus crisis has taken a toll on every business, and we had the biggest overwhelming realization that price and quality are not the only two factors for differentiating brands anymore. We realized that customer service also plays a big role.

Knowing the latest ecommerce customer service trends post COVID-19 is a great first move for improving the customer experience this year and beyond until we have to live with the new normal.   

1.Good CX

If you are trying to provide a great customer experience, or CX you have to reach a whole new level of customer service than what you are offering at present. Highest standards of customer service can improve CX and bring fruitful rewards that are well worth all the efforts being made towards perfecting customer service. It can bring along repeat business, customer loyalty and higher ROI.

2. Hyper--personalized, efficient and quick service

If an ecommerce or online retail business doesn’t offer personalized, quick and effective service across different customer touchpoints, customer experience badly suffocates.  Chances are you will not be able to survive in the competition for long, no matter how niche or how classy your product or service is. In fact, the ecommerce customer service this year needs something extra – hyper-personalization.

3. Social Media Shopping

It comes as no shock that after COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing obligations, social media shopping has gained prominence and will keep on gaining momentum. Ecommerce portals are not the only place where shoppers shop. So, if you are looking to up your customer service game, you have to present where your prospective buyers are. This implies, you have to explore popular social media channels other than your online store and integrate your social media accounts with your e portal.  

4. Customer Service Chatbots

Chatbots were optional tools even a couple of years ago, but today, it is a must-have for customer support. Chatbot can give real-time support and is very prompt. Chatbot-assisted ecommerce customer service is here to stay and you will see how it improves customer experience.

5. Omni-channel support

The concept is everywhere today and it was implemented as a strategy to combine all customer interaction points into one. All the channels like social media, chat, emails, video conference, etc. are in sync with one another and are monitored under a centralized system. This will let your customers see and experience a consistent and unified brand experience. 

Key Takeaways

Customer expectations are, and the need for efficiency is increasing. And without the right preparation, those two elements don’t mesh well. Stay stagnant, and you will have to choose from either of the two. Stay ahead of the game, and you can very well manage both.

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