What are the features that differentiate a custom mailer boxes?

Posted by johniekeen on July 15th, 2021

 What are the features that differentiate custom mailer boxes

In this highly competitive world, every company wants to be the best. In this regard, they all use different strategies to attract their customers. Some use special discounts, others advertise on social media platforms.

But the smartest way to package your products is to use custom envelopes. These boxes are a unified solution to all the problems you may encounter on your way to success.

In this blog, Fast Custom Boxes will show you all the hidden benefits you can get from these small shippers.

Product safety

If your Mailer Boxes doesn't last long enough, you could lose a lot of money. A small accident during shipping could cause your product to break. Because of the breakage, you will have to pay your customers a refund.

This chance is even greater if you ship a large number of products. Black mailings are made up of a variety of products. You should order them according to your preferred shipping method.

- If your products are sold locally, eco-friendly kraft products may be a good choice.

- Do you offer home delivery for customers who live within a reasonable distance? We recommend that you use solid cardboard materials.

- Corrugated cardboard products are suitable for protecting the sender's oil during long distance transportation.

High quality printing

Beautiful printing is another feature that makes small mailer boxes attractive and in high demand. All the above mentioned production materials are ideal for personalized products. On their panels, you can print each model in high quality.

Beautiful color combinations are used to print company logos and other messages. In addition, you will get the image that you want to print on the shipping carton.

You can interact with them without having to be there in person.

Make your printed graphics count

We will provide you with the latest information on methods and printing for both offset and digital printing.

If you want to make your small mailer boxes more attractive, you can also emboss the surface of these white mailer boxes with a beautiful colored pattern.

Make your product stand out from the crowd

Every business is in a fierce battle to stay ahead of the game. To increase their customer list, they step up their marketing campaigns. One of the main purposes of cardboard mailers is to make branded products stand out on store shelves.

The purpose of these two customizations is only to improve the appearance of your small mailer boxes. The quality and importance of your product is silently communicated to your customers through the white mailer box.

Because first impressions are so important, people will choose your shipping oil based on the quality of your box.

Cost analysis

Now let's look at how much these mailer boxes cost compared to regular mailer boxes.

Ready-made mailer boxes are undeniably cheaper than white mailer boxes. However, these boxes are only produced in the manufacturer's usual shape and size.

In contrast, black mailer boxes are an all-in-one option. Their prices are flexible, so you can tailor them to your budget.

One-time investment

This one-time investment saves you a lot of money on marketing, advertising, and shipping of mailer box oil. In addition, they increase your sales by attracting the attention of your potential customers.

Unlimited Customization

We give you unlimited options to make your boxes 10 times more attractive than your competitors.

With our customizations such as gold and silver foil, UV dots, glitter, CMYK/PMS paint schemes, embossing, embossing and more, you can make them look beautiful.

You can use them in your Custom Boxes Wholesale any way you like. Many of these quality options are affordable and you can fit them into your budget.

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