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Posted by Barry Harpur on March 14th, 2016

Sports injury clinics are often thought of as specialty clinics that specialise in the treatment and rehabilitation of athletes who are recovering from any form of injury or problems with their mobility or performance. What may people don’t realise is that sports injury clinics are not just for athletes. Anyone with mobility or joint problems as well as people who enjoy an active lifestyle and would like to have a certain condition checked or treated can come see sports injury specialists.

Reputable sports injury clinics specialise improving athlete performance. They focus in utilising the chain reaction and biomechanics of the human body while enhancing the individual movement patterns that are specific to the patient's type of activity. For this reason, a good clinic typically employs skilled and experienced medical professionals and physical therapists who can properly assess, train, recondition, and help in the rehabilitation of patients. Most clinics focus in injury prevention, too.

Challenging, movement-based, and structured programmes are tailored to each patient. You can be sure that your treatment programme will ensure enhanced injury recovery and prevention of further injuries. A sports injury clinic may combine both traditional and medically advanced techniques to provide the best care and rehabilitation programme for every patient. Traditional rehabilitation focuses on isolated movements, but there are sports injury clinics that rely more on movement-based treatment, which are task-specific and customised to the patient.

A well-appointed sports injury clinic in Guildford should have an exclusive area where stretching and exercise techniques are administered to help increase function and mobility. Exercises, active and passive movements, active release techniques, and osteopathy may be part of your treatment plan, depending on your age, diagnosis, and your fitness level. Make sure that the clinic is certified in providing certain techniques, such as the Graston Technique and Active Release Technique.

While treatment programmes are tailored to every individual, they may include techniques that exercise, challenge, and move restricted areas of the body. Various movement patterns may be included to condition and train the body to do certain actions like hop, jump, lift, and reach. This way, your body can learn those movements and do them in a more natural and dynamic manner.

About the Company:

Kinesis Clinic based in the Guildford town centre provide the highest quality of osteopathic and injury rehabilitation services. They specialise in sports injuries, post surgery rehabilitation, work related injuries and offer many more treatments. The service offered by them includes osteopathy, injury prevention, movement assessment & training, acupuncture dry needing, etc.

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