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Posted by andhra mess on March 14th, 2016

The population of the city Mumbai is increasing gradually and the large economic as well as the industrial core is growing as well, along with the highest rate of employment in India. Since Mumbai offers various job prospects, several corporate houses as well as the organizations are operated in the city that is looking for hardworking professionals or employees to develop their business.

However, Mumbai welcomes students from various parts of India and abroad too. And it has become the favourite location for the students and professionals as well as the job seekers. Therefore, students and working professionals will have to search for the safe place to reside in. Especially, for the girls or ladies need to look for the safety places to reside and Pgs would be the right choice for these young women professionals or students to lead their life. And knowing the requirements of the women’s safety, commercial places like PGs have been established all over the Mumbai city. Hence, PG in Mumbai has started to get more demand and has become a native place for many people outsider.

And moreover, if you are an individual who cannot stay alone in house or apartments, you are free to choose the PG. The PGs are the best Accommodation in Mumbai where you can stay with all the comfort along with the proper food.

While selecting the Pg in Mumbai, you must just focus on few aspects such as cots and mattress for your comfort, as well as 24 hours water facility so that you should not feel, also the clean kitchen, check if PG offers you double bed (ensure it is soft) to sleep comfortably. Also, check if the bathroom and toilets are clean and posh. Regardless of these facilities, check for wardrobes to keep all your valuable things, and gas to cook the food.

Likewise, you can also check if the PG you have picked the right Andhra PG in Mumbai. If you choose some other PGs, just check if these PGs are too near to the company you are working for, or near to the college or university you are studying. Besides this, it is also essential to check if banks, hospitals, etc. are near to the PG you are staying. Similarly, you can also check for the nearby ATMs, and other services. Especially check if the market is too near to make shopping; and even checking for the chat centres or street food is also important, as you cannot sustain without these. More than this, you will also find out if the owner of the Pg in mumbai is kind, and cares you providing all the comfort, instead of creating unnecessary restrictions and objections for certain things. It may be restriction to your friends’ arrival to your room, or create objection if you arrive room late in the night like after 9:00 or 10:00, etc. Such things might irritate you a lot, as you will not be having enough freedom to stay however you wish. Hence, it is very vital to check all these things before staying in any PG.

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