World of Warcraft US Hardcore Raiding Guild - Vodka Quits in Legion

Posted by Vinvian62 on March 15th, 2016

Recently, Vodka announced that they would not be continuing in Legion as a progression raiding guild. for those who might not know, Vodka is a World of Warcraft US hardcore raiding guild that has got amazing achievements for many years in raiding. With its’ quitting, players have wondered whether what is wrong with the game. Safewow, a reliable wow gold shop, brings you some information.

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Vodka call it quits with the upcoming WOW Legion

Recently, a brief announcement about ceasing?raiding?for the Legion expansion marked the end of Vodka’s great achievement in the history of World of Warcraft, and also made?people?sincerely?lament. “It is with a heavy heart we announce that vodka will not be continuing in Legion as a progression raiding guild. With many of our members, including 3 Officers, taking a step back from the game going forward, we don't feel it is worthwhile to rebuild our roster to continue in the expansion” said by the guild on their official website on March 10 at 9:01 pm. This announcement also delivered the guild’s wish to their members and other fans, hoping that they can have good development and enjoy the expansion well.

What does “Vodka” means in World of Warcraft?

Vodka, to some extent, is a word of success for some raiding lovers. In case that someone haven’t known, it is a world first type hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage-US. Stormrage-US is primarily an Alliance server so to be the best team on it says something towards skill base. As a competitive guild that lives by one mantra on that server, Vodka has been actively racing for world/realm first mythic archimonde. In the past, Vodka has taken several US first kills starting back in Mists of Pandaria and a handful of world firsts.In 2015, they placed 24th for Archimonde in the world, 3rd in the US, and first on the realm, it is the top guild that has the longest history of attending world of warcraft first kill raiding.

Raiding content in WOW needs to be improved?

Though some people told they never cared about the US server, the leaving of many legendary players make people wonder whether there is something wrong with raiding content in World of Warcraft. In fact, competitive raiding is like really hard as Blizz doesn't give some rewards for world first or second or third. It's hard to stream competitively since you really don't want others to know your tacts when you're competing for world first. Besides, raiding in general is less rewarding. Maybe Blizzard should do something to improve the raiding.

Sad to see another old hardcore guild calling it quits, but I'm actually looking quite forward to the world first race(s) in Legion now to be honest, mostly because it'll be exciting to see which new guilds will emerge as the best ones now have stepped down. Stay tuned on for more wow news or cheap wow gold.

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