Blade & Soul Guide: Hongmoon Weapon, Soul Shield & Cosmetic Appearances

Posted by Vinvian62 on March 15th, 2016

The most unique feature that distinguishes Blade & Soul from other MMO games is that it offers the endgame gear at the beginning, which you need to keep throughout the game. Besides, there are also Soul Shield, an amazing armor that consists of 8 pieces and grants different stat bonuses, and cosmetic appearances in the game. Yes, you heard me, armor and cosmetic appearances are separate elements in Blade & Soul. Follow safewow to see details about all these items in the game!

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You will keep Hongmoon weapon throughout the game

At the beginning when you start Blade & Soul, you can get an ever evolving set of gear that you need to keep throughout the whole process. This set of gear is Hongmoon weapon and the assorted accessories, which is also the endgame weapon you'll level up with and evolve throughout the game. Then by level 20, you'll gain the necklace, earring, and ring. These items evolve, by combining weapons and accessories found out in the world into them. There are two different systems for Weapons and accessories to breakthrough: Weapon needs a class specific breakthrough item, while accessories need a generic item that's much easier to obtain. Any weapons and accessories you obtain will be used to upgrade your hongmoon set.

There is still appeal of finding new gear, but in other forms

Different from other games that allow players to find new weapons and swap gear, Blade & Soul gives the same weapon for the entire game and require players to grow with them. However, it doesn’t mean that it loses the appeal of finding new weapons. This appeal just takes different forms. On the one hand, players will be able to hunt for rare costumes or do dungeon runs to find crafting materials to upgrade their main gear. On the other hand, weapons can also be re-skinned with other weapons you find when hunting.

Cosmetic appearances and armor are separate elements

In Blade & Soul, cosmetic appearances and armor are separate elements. Let’s see how does the armor system work. Take an example, “Soul Shields”, the unique pieces in the game, are comprised of eight different pieces that can be mixed and matched together to offer different stat bonuses. Wearing the best Soul Shield set will grant you best bonus, you can see the best soul shields in Blade & Soul for Unchained on safewow. Here we should note that changing your Soul Shield doesn’t affect your character’s appearance. Costumes, however, are purely cosmetic and can be found all over the game. There are hundreds of different costumes and some of them are pretty challenging to obtain.

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