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Posted by Danyking on March 15th, 2016

Blizzard has announced that WarCraft III will get its’ 1st new patch after four years since 2011. No detailed information, it’s speculated that WC3 update will be focused on making the game run better on newer operating systems just like the Diablo 2 patch that released last week.

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Warcraft III patch 1.27 will be released on March 15

There would be no World of Warcraft without Warcraft series. This might be a common thought of most wow fans. It is good news that Blizzard doesn’t stop the updates for this old game. After four years since its’ last patch, 1.26a released in 2011, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos will get a new patch - patch 1.27 simultaneously around the world on March 15. Though there is no detailed information about what the new patch will include, the Robert Bridenbecker said in a video released for the very active Chinese WC3 community that this is “only the first stop”, suggesting more updates are on the way. Besides, while referring to the Diablo II update in last week, the new patch for Warcraft 3 is likely about a balance to make the aging game run better on modern systems.

Rumors & expectations for Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27

Stimulated by the announcement of warcraft 3 new update, players have been speculating what content the new patch will include. Will a Balance patch means a Blademaster nerf incoming? New features & functionality, or maybe Battlenet interface update and new maps? While some players were expecting for great changes or a new game from scrape with new engine, such as Warcratf IV, other people told that maybe it’s just the technical side considering they named the patch 1.27a in the end of the video you could see they named the patch 1.27a that points directly towards 1.27b. Thus, let’s just be happy, and not get too excited.

The Warcraft 3 new patch is coming soon, plus the June 10 release of the Warcraft movie looming, it is likely that Blizzard will get an influx of curious fans that eager for some pre-World of Warcraft lore. Are you one of the big World of Warcraft group? Buy cheapest wow gold eu or us on safewow any time when you need fast and safe service.

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