Dog car cages: Practical and Utile for Pet Owners

Posted by jfab67 on March 15th, 2016

Do you think your car manufacturer should have been sensitive and thoughtful enough to design a room in the cabin for your dear pet? Well, there is still option for customization if you wish to make a space for your little pet. Dog car cages are pretty popular in the market these days. These are small cabin-like units that are specially made to fit in cars for pets. They can house anything from small species of dogs to big ones, and even kittens. Sized to house a dog comfortably, dog kennel cages are of great utility for those who travel around a lot, or like to take their dogs along with them.

There are some companies that rely on bespoke cages for their clients. They make cages depending on the car measurements and the accommodation needs of the dogs concerned. They do have template designs based on which you can place your orders. Talk to them and they’ll guide you through. Dog car cages are available in a variety of styles. Some are wired and galvanized, while others are plain aluminium. Some are even plastic made but that is only for smaller dogs.

Speaking of the space inside the cage, it is not like a small hole of your pet as one might imagine. Usually installed at the back of a vehicle, the cages are quite large enough for your dog to sit up straight. However, the confinement is only meant to keep your dog safe and limited to a certain space. In cases of long drives, pets tend to lose their patience. They either lurk around sniffing and distracting the drivers and co-passengers too much or they often rubberneck around, often out the window. The cage only keeps them in place with limited mobility, but enough comfort to remain inside for hours.

If you stop at a point during the trip, you may simply halt and let them out of their confinements. Let them wander about under a leash for as long as you stay put. Let them in once again as you drive away. The cages are usually stationed in the car parallel to the rear window so that they can enjoy the plain view even when they are inside the cage. If you have two pets, you may purchase a larger cage to house both of them. Dog kennel cages are diversely priced, depending on their quality and brands. The best shops store the premium quality ones.

You may shop around a little each time until you find the best provider. Do try and speak with the manufacturer about what you are looking for and they may be able to suggest you a couple of brands that would suit your standard. Check out the quality and try out the tensile strength of the cages before buying them.

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