Instructional Design Consulting: What it is and How it can Help Your Organizatio

Posted by Diane Smith on July 16th, 2021

Instructional Design Consulting is a process of creating and implementing instructional materials. Instructional designers are trained professionals who use research, technology, creativity, and experience to create products that support learning. This post will explore what it means to be an Instructional Designer, the benefits of engaging in instruction design consulting for organizations, as well as outline some ways you can begin your journey into this rewarding profession!

What Is It?

Instruction design incorporates knowledge from many fields in which instructional designers have expertise including psychology, cognitive science, computer sciences, graphic design or marketing communications—to name just a few. They use such insights as well as data about learners' needs gleaned from surveys, interviews and site visits to craft instruction that meets those needs effectively.

- Instructional Designers are trained professionals who use research, technology, creativity and experience to create products that support learning.

- Advances in software have made instructional design more accessible than ever before...

- The benefits of engaging an Instructional Designer include reducing costs by streamlining the process for developing training materials, improving employee performance through better understanding how employees learn best and creating a positive environment where people can grow their skills.

- Good Instructional Design combines creative approaches with traditional instructional principles such as providing clear instructions on what is required or desired, using examples to illustrate information being taught, sequencing tasks so they build naturally upon one another and providing feedback when needed.

- As an instructional designer, you are responsible for developing all aspects of training programs from scripts to content design, computer simulations to videos or multimedia presentations, illustrations to charts and graphs. You must consider what type of learning style will be effective in delivering your message as well as who your target audience is when developing this program including: knowledge level on subject matter; preferred method(s) of instruction (audio/visual); education level; work experience levels.

Instructional Design Consulting helps organizations develop, deliver and evaluate learning solutions. This type of consulting is about more than just telling your employees what they need to do; it's about finding out how you can help them be successful in their role. It’s not enough for your organization to have the best people or resources—you also need a plan that will maximize productivity and success rates. Let instructional design consultants work with you to create an effective training program that gets results!

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