Vital Benefits of Recreational Diving

Posted by aavaisle on March 16th, 2016

Who doesn’t enjoy recreational diving? It not only offers great fun and adventure, but when done on a regular basis, it can gradually enhance and maintain your stamina level and overall fitness. If you still want more convincing, let us discuss some of the benefits associated with recreational diving.

Physical Fitness
Exercising in water is highly effective because of the natural resistance that water has against our bodies. It is especially applicable when we kick our legs for fining and propelling ourselves in the water. According to the experts, if you dive for an hour, it can burn significant calories. It will be similar to rigorously working out in the gym for an hour. As the divers are involved in supporting the weight of their gear, they constantly build muscle tone in their back and legs. With enhanced muscle tone, back muscles can be strengthened, which will in turn lessen the pressure on the spine.

Breathing Exercises
For diving, deep and slow breathing is crucial for optimizing bottom time and air consumption. Actually, steady and deep breathing leads to a calm attitude and lessens the risk of lung-expansion injury. Additionally, just like breathing during meditation, breathing deeply and slowly while diving can make the diver relaxed and calm and make them focus on the underwater theater instead of thinking about the stress and issues they face in their everyday life. This assists in reducing stress and balancing the nervous system. Furthermore, when the divers are calm and relaxed, it will help in preventing depression and promoting a positive attitude.

Exploring the Underwater Life
There can be nothing more exciting than be near the underwater life including sea animals, plants, corals, reefs and much more. You can experience different colors and styles of fishes swimming near you. Additionally, viewing the underwater plants is an experience in itself that will remain with you for your lifetime. With recreational diving, you are sure to add great excitement and adventure in your life.

Healing Effects of Water
A large numbers of doctors use water to calm the patients down and heal them. Water has great potential of making us feel restored and healed. For instance, if you watch fishes swimming in an aquarium, it will relax your mind. Just compare it to actually being in underwater ambience. The calming effect will definitely intensify and you will feel at peace with yourself. When you will be underwater, you will experience the ocean surges and currents. The act of surrendering to the ocean currents will immediately calm you down and permit you to flow just like the marine life.

Just ensure diving safety and you are sure to avail the varied benefits associated with diving!

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