Benefits of Lifting Equipment to Assist with Wheel Maintenance:

Posted by Sofia on July 16th, 2021

Today’s the amount of weight is routinely handled in many shops with any proper equipment for the experts to safely and productively complete simple and easy tire work. In the old days, technicians used an air and end lift to raise the end of a vehicle to quickly remove and install tires. This practice becomes less safe as vehicles have bumpers that are not designed for proper lifting. But electric Wheel Lifters offer safety in several ways and used effectively it reduces not only the risk of long-term injury but also short-term issues.

High Capacity:

The popular method for changing tires is to use a high capacity to lift the vehicle for tire work. High capacity Tire Lift Assist allows technicians to complete a tire change even when a vehicle is loaded. The ability to change tires on loaded vehicles greatly improves driver and shop productivity. When deciding on equipment there are some key points to consider such as the minimum start height and whether most of all lifter components are equipped with corrosion protection. Technicians must understand that lifting devices that are properly rated vehicle support must be used.

Obstacles to Safety:

Getting the vehicle safely off the ground is the only obstacle in changing the tire. Once the vehicle is properly supported the technicians are then faced with lifting and manipulating those heavy tires' pounds. Some important features to look for include an offset column for easy rear access and accessible parts for lug nuts and reach arms that rotate the wheel with minimal effort. Mobile Tire Lift can also remove and position any size of tire or wheel weighing up to 500 pounds making it easier and simple and more useful for technicians to help.

Bottom Line:

Finally, you always remember that wheel lifting equipment devices are supported properly and effectively and it can make quick work of any wheel job that needs to be done.

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