Doga with Aimee Hyatt in Manhattan Beach

Posted by South Bay Yellow Cab on March 16th, 2016

Yes! You read it right! It’s yoga time with your dog! Certified animal massage therapist and yoga teacher, Aimee Hyatt guide us through a Doga session which is intended for reducing stress, enhancing the mind-body-spirit connection &definitely nurturing the human-canine bond. This is absolutely great news for all dog owners who are staying in or near Manhattan Beach. Since, this event will be hosted this month at Bruce's Beach Park on the beach itself. In fact, this picturesque and serene site is the ideal spot for the therapeutic Doga class. It will be held at the lower west end of the park. Reserve your manhattan beach taxi now for this event and avoid parking problems!

Lots of dog owners love their dogs and few of them also felt guilty about leaving their dogs at home when going for their yoga sessions. Well, but here’s the good news: You need not to leave them at home when you’ll go rather you can also take them along. Doga sessions are exclusively for such owners. Surprisingly, dogs really benefit from doga no matter whether they participate in the session or not. They pick up their human partner’s energy. That’s all that actually matters because when their partner stays still, their dog becomes still too. Once everyone is calm, they can then incorporate their dog into their yoga poses.

Doga seeks to unite massage & meditation with mild stretching for dogs & their human partners. In fact, other than this it also has various other benefits like: it allows the human partner to strengthen and deepen their natural bond with their dog. Well, other than this it also decreases anxiety & relieves stress from the human partner as well as their dog. Thus, doing yoga with your dog allows partner & their dog to have a stress-free positive bond. It is believed to be one of the best way to make your pet grow healthy mentally as well as physically.

In fact, having a dog included in your yoga practice allows them to monitor "your attitude" towards them & other living beings & get a deeper understanding & insight of behaviour patterns that arises in their mind. These Doga sessions also helps human partner & dog in proper digestion and calm sleep. Doga basically creates a bonding experience stronger than simply going for a walk or sitting in the park with your dog could do.Though, it may sound like a fleeting trend, but for those who practice it, the gratification seems to come from bonding with their dog in a new and in a changed way.

Well, then what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for this event today! Do not forget to bring your loved ones & friends to this event along with their pet and let them also enjoy every bit of this event.Since, there is only metered parking therefore it is recommended to bring quarters. One can also opt for manhattan beach cab service for safe, convenient and affordable journey.

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