Experiencing Lake District through Lake District coach tours and walking tours

Posted by aimewolf on March 16th, 2016

If you are planning to spend an extraordinary weekend in England and willing to travel to Cumbria, Lake District National Park is calling you. Come and visit it for at least once in your life. You can either opt for Lake District coach tours or Lake District walking tours, according to your convenience. If you have no issues with waking, then we would definitely vouch for a guided walking tour of the Lakelands. However, if you would rather like to have the comfort of coach tours then that can be arranged as well. Whether it’s the lake cruises or visits to places known to William Wordsworth, John Ruskin and Beatrix Potter, or its walks across the mountains or trekking on paths less taken – you will simply love the entire experience beyond imagination.

The Lakelands of Cumbria – history, heritage, architecture and nature welcomes all

The Lake District has also become a second home to the rich and affluent of the nation and beyond. Whether it is through Lake District coach tours or Lake District walking tours, the Lakelands need to be felt with every breath of your heart. It is not your usual sightseeing trip; you need to know about its origin and development in order to understand how each and every element interrelates to the other and creates a magical ambiance.

Lake District coach tours – exploring in comfort

Many of us may have issues with walking, so does that mean we can’t have our share of fun? Of course we can and that is why there are Lake District coach tours which are possible to be taken in two ways. If you are travelling in a group then you can either hire a coach or a mini coach with a tour guide for half day for as many numbers of days as you want. The coach will take you to the destinations according to the duration and your tour guide will give you a commentary on the places you cross. The second option is to hire a tour guide who also has a Driver qualification card for driving vehicles with a maximum of 16 people on it. This will save you the trouble of hiring a guide separately.

Guided Lake District walking tours

It’s not a child’s play to become a Blue Badge Tourist Guide with decades of experience in trekking across foreign lands, a certified guide for Cumbria and Hadrian’s Wall and Eco-Tourism accreditation along other qualifications and certifications. It only happens with people who are passionate about travelling and love to share their passion and knowledge with guests to a particular destination. This is the joy of taking Lake District walking tours with trained and experienced guides. And, you have the opportunity to book the service of one of the most experienced guides with the help of online contact services.

It doesn’t really make much of a difference whether you are opting for Lake District walking tours or Lake District coach tours – the point is to do it through the right people under correct guidance. Only then will you be able to enjoy the travel.

Both Lake District coach tours and Lake District walking tours are excellent ways to experience Cumbria’s Lakelands.

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