Garden Designs Knutsford Ideas for Small Spaces

Posted by abigaylemark on March 16th, 2016

It is every homeowner’s dream to own and manage a beautiful garden. We have many unique and eye catching garden designs Knutsford that you can choose from, but some limitations, especially the space may not be favorable. In such circumstances, you shouldn’t despair because with the help of an experienced landscaper Liverpool, you can easily bring out the best in your garden irrespective of its size. Here are some design ideas for small spaces.

Garden designs Knutsford must be inspired by the purpose; is it functional, decorative or hybrid? A functional garden concentrates on getting the best yield from the garden. In as much as they may be appealing, you can still eat some vegetables or put other yields such as Aloe Vera. On the other hand, decorative gardens are strictly for aesthetic appeal. A hybrid garden is a combination of the functional and decorative concepts whereby you focus on getting the highest possible yield while ensuring that the garden remains visually appealing. With the help of a landscaper Liverpool, you can without problems plant and take care of any of the three types of gardens.

The hybrid approach is currently the best option and very common since it allows the owner to maximize on any space available, however small. You will never go wrong with garden designs Knutsford with raised beds, especially if your focus is either hybrid or functional garden. There are many ways to construct raised beds for small gardens. Assuming that you are an urban garden whose only available space is a balcony, you can still have a garden by erecting raised bed planters. A landscaper Liverpool will assess the space, your interest and recommend the best possible way to proceed with your garden without necessarily taking up the whole balcony space.

Even though the space can be limited for the most creative garden designs Knutsford, you can still build a horizontal or vertical garden with ease. Did you know that your fence or wall can be transformed into a living wall by simply constructing hanging planters or plants such as honeysuckle, grapes or hardy kiwi? The trick here is to ask your landscaper Liverpool to suggest he best design that will go along with the available space. In fact, there are so many functional crops such as kales and beans that don’t require much space.

Irrespective of the garden designs Knutsford you opt for, it is always important not to overshadow the primary purpose of the garden. Visual appeal can, in most cases, be realized by staggering plants of varied colors and heights around each other. Doing this brings out the most appropriate dimensions and textures to the space. As a result, your space, however small it might be, will appear larger than normal.

It is not easy to build and take care of a garden, but it is fun. Watching as your plants flourish will keep you motivated to perfect in whatever you do. Before you accept any garden designs Knutsford, let your landscaper Liverpool take you through a variety of them. This way, you stand a higher chance of realizing a visually appealing garden.

Maximize on your space with unique garden designs Knutsford from the best landscaper Liverpool. There are many custom designs for your garden for visual appeal, contact us today!

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