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Posted by Sumit Jioson on July 16th, 2021

Kriya was turning 32. She was happy and comfortable with her professional life and was now contemplating investing time in relationship. However due to pandemic she was not sure how to go about given all outlet to offline socialisation was risky.

She knew she had to sign up on an online dating service but was not sure about the available matrimonial sites. Besides she was not sure if she wanted to be on an Indian matrimonial site. Kriya knew she wanted to be in a committed relationship, a serious relationship but was not sure if there are any Indian dating services that would cater to those 30 years and above. Making sure she is does not only depend only on online sites, she reached out to friends to help her introduce to new prospect matches.

Her friends said they will look out and asked Kriya on her expectations from a relationship, if she was fine meeting someone who was married before and if she wanted to continue living in Delhi the city she was living in. Kriya shared her expectations with her friends and at the same time she decided to sign in on available Indian dating sites she was aware about. She decided to go all out and signed on 5 Indian dating sites, 3 of which she uninstalled in first 36 hours as she could not handle swiping on so many apps, making a decision in few minutes to swipe right or left. She also thought she would concentrate on 2 apps for now.

She started spending an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening looking at profiles. She swiped and decided to reach out to a profile each from the listed apps and started chatting with them via text. It so happened that Kriya got caught in work so could not get back to the apps, but she was fine with the two connects Rahul and Abhay is what they called themselves, she wanted to invest her time in knowing them. She started chatting regularly and was enjoying doing so and after a week recommended a video call.

She fixed one time slot with Rahul and one with Abhay – she was hoping her search for finding a life partner would end – and that she could get into a relationship with one of them. She was pretty much invested in her chats with both, however Rahul despite confirming for the video call never turned up for it. Kriya found it odd as he seemed really engaged in the conversation, more than her and now when he had to call he ghosted on her, not responding to her calls and she realised he had blocked her chat. She want back to the dating app, and saw he was active on the app.

She was disappointed and decided to look forward to the call with Abhay. She corrected her mood and was looking forward to the call with Abhay, but was disappointed when he came on the call because he looked much older than his mentioned age on the app. On Asking Abhay admitted that he had mentioned he is 38 but in reality he was 45. Kriya, felt cheated as he had lied and disconnected the call.

She was upset, and deleted both the apps, and googled – are there any new online Indian dating services that look into serious relationship. That is when she came across andwemet – she googled a bit more and read some positive feedback and decided to sign up. She thought andwemet was a wonderful service which was not intimidating and it also included in slow dating. For now Kriya is an approved member on  andwemet and is enjoying her experience on the matchmaking platform.

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