Physique 57 Offers the Best Workout Classes in Los Angeles

Posted by physique570 on March 17th, 2016

Los Angeles is a city that is all about looking good. And that means that the fitness world in LA is incredibly competitive. Offering the best workout classes in Los Angeles is hard work, and that is hard work you can benefit from if you choose to work out with Physique 57.

But what makes their workout classes in Los Angeles so special? Read below to find out.

The Method

The Physique 57 method has shaped the world of barre fitness. It is their take on barre fitness that has spread throughout the country and around the world. The theories that inform their method are simple yet genius, delivering the results that people crave.

How exactly does the Physique 57 method work? It cycles rapidly between working your muscles to the brink and stretching them to sooth and lengthen them. The working of the muscles sculpts them while the stretching lengthens the body and the rapid cycling gets the heart pumping and melts the fat away.

The workouts are only 57 minutes long—hence the name of the studio—but in those 57 minutes, their workout classes in Los Angeles offer a total body workout that would take you hours in the gym.

The Instructors

However, even the best methods and theories are nothing without quality instructors to deliver them. And this is yet another area where Physique 57 really makes its mark.

To start with, all instructors go through a rigorous vetting process to make sure that they are not just capable, but dedicated. Every aspect of their instruction is assessed, from the clarity of their instruction to their ability to spot someone struggling to their ability to keep you motivated. By the time job offers are made, all but 5% of their candidates will have been eliminated.

And the process does not end there. Before they begin leading their own classes, they must go through 90 days of extensive training in the method and accumulate over 200 hours at the barre. Once they are leading classes, they still undergo regular review from their mentors at the studio.

All this adds up to the very best instructors in the city.

The Results

Finally, the biggest difference between Physique 57 and other workout classes in Los Angeles are the results they deliver. With Physique 57, you walk out of the studio on day one feeling the difference. Your body will be letting you know just how hard you worked it, and despite being exhausted, you will feel completely energized.

As for results you can see, they will arrive as soon as class number eight. If you are looking to get in shape fast—and who isn’t?—you cannot beat Physique 57. So don’t waste time; visit them in person or online at

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