The Book of the Sons of Odin: Taking you in a World of Fantasy

Posted by ricky26 on March 17th, 2016

Reading fantasy novels or some mythological books is all about living and cherishing a whole new world that doesn’t even exist in the reality. Fantasy novels can give a thrilling entertainment to the readers and it reading them feels like visiting a new world or a different era. On reading them, you actually feel yourself as a part of the story, and even sometimes you are able to relate yourself with the characters of these novels, and this feeling simply excites you. The fantasy novels like The Book of Odin empoweryou to feel a world through the author's perspective and fantasize the ambience, -the characters, their looks and attire and their behavior, in front of your eyes. These novel characters make you surf on a tide of emotions ranging from fear and anger to love and pity. This is the way these fantasy novels keep you stuck towards them.

You may be pre-occupied with a notion that you gain knowledge and wisdom only by reading newspapers, socio-political magazines or the autobiographies of great leaders. And on the contrary, these fantasy novels offer you nothing more, but imaginative things, be it the heroics or bravery of the character or places, that don’t even stand in the real world.

But to a pensive reader such books are a source of healthy entertainment, from where they derive many ideas, values and ethos that opens up the horizons of their life and their way of thinking. For instance, one such book series is the BOOKS OF SONS OF ODIN, which describe the life and heroics of Odin’s Son and Odin himself, and their equation with their father. Book of The Sons of Odin by L.A Hammer elaborates the life of Odin who is the supreme being in addition to being the eldest of all the gods in the Nordic pantheon. He is kind and merciful to the people of and he protects the world from the evil powers, thus establishing peace. His life and journey, though imaginary, can be a way of life to many, who derive strength and confidence from his character and apply it to their real lives.

This amazing book is also available in the e-book version among popular online retailers like Scribd, iTunes and Smashwords, where you can easily download them free of cost.

About Books of Sons of Odin

The Book of The Sons of Odin has earned a reputation of being a great source of entertainment for the readers of fantasy novels. Written by a globally renowned author L.A Hammer, the book has something unique to offer to the readers and has been released in four parts. From the first part of the series, Book One of The Sons of Odin – Odin’s Awakening to the latest release Book Four of the Sons of Odin- Balor’s Might, these books have received positive and exciting reviews of being an exotic novel full of surreal and whimsical details.

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