Guide To Buying Cuban Cigars

Posted by Warner Schwartz on July 16th, 2021

When you look at this Ramon Allones you immediately know that you are about to smoke something special. The beautiful dark and oily wrapper smell like a buttery sweet when you take a cigar out of the box. Its smoothness almost guilts you into not lighting it, but you can’t resist. Do not let the flame of your lighter touch the leaves, they deserve your respect. Feel free to check out our article about how to smoke your first cigar. In January, the U.S. government said Americans traveling legally to Cuba can return with 0 worth of Cuban cigars. Personally, I would pick the Cohiba Sublimes cuban cigars online 2004 Limited Edition. It has the perfect balance of aroma and strength, predominantly flavoured with cocoa and providing a coffee taste to finish. On top of it, this exclusive edition for the La Casa del Habano stores is one of the best ever produced. It is a small cigar — petit piramides — but the only thing small about it is the size. Let’s start with Cohiba, which is the best known and in some sizes, the most sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. The Cohibas from 2019 on the list include one of the iconic sizes in the brand, the Robusto , 4 7/8 inches by 50 ring. Whereas Americans would say that the RoMa Craft Neanderthal or Black Label Morphine are full-bodied monsters, Cuban smokers would say that Bolivar is the full-bodied champ. That’s like comparing Arnold Schwarzenegger to Hugh Jackman. Of all the cigars in the world, Cuban cigars are some of the most highly valued. All in all, if you don’t have a set budget for your cigar collection, most Cohiba cigars are definitely worthy for your humidor. And while you cannot import any of them, traveling to Cuba to test one out is going to add a precious moment to your vacation there. The Cuban geographical condition helps produce the finest tobacco. The Esplendidos in my opinion, are the pinnacle of that lineup. While many will argue that the Behike is a worthwhile candidate, the Esplendido is a cigar that will make you shiver with ecstasy. It is a Churchill that is almost always perfectly assembled which makes it fairly easy to spot counterfeits – for which there are many. Recently ran into this issue myself with my own line of accessories and a Youtube blogger but that’s a story for another day. They hold a strong presence in each of my humidors and offer some of the most traditional and exceptional craftsmanship you’ll ever find in this growing industry. If you’re American, check out my column about Dominican cigars and find out why they’re some of my favorites. Typically, these fakes are a batch of cigars from elsewhere that are repackaged and branded to look like something they’re not. An affordable Habano, it’s extremely smokeable—even when young. One of the punchier cigars to have made our list, we recommend the Paragas Petit Corona Especiales for when you’ve conquered a few of the previously mentioned milder Cubans and are looking for something bolder. Both well-blended and complex, it should ideally be smoked in the early evening with a delicious cup of coffee. Similar to wine, soil and geography — or terroir – is vital to a cigar’s quality. Cuba’s humid environment and rich soil ensure the highest quality tobacco leaf. And Cuba’s rollers, the skilled craftspeople who select the filler, binder, and wrapper and roll them into a perfectly triple-capped cigar, are the best in the world. Even today, the most well known tobacco is harvested in Pinar del Rio. The plant used for this tobacco actually hails from South America and arrived in the Antilles somewhere around 3000 BC. Now for many of you, you’ll expect me to recant the familiar phrases of “Cubans are the best in the world” or “No country makes cigars as well as Cuba“.

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