Why You Need A Real Estate Attorney

Posted by jackeric on March 17th, 2016

Any type of real estate transaction, whether you are buying a residential home, selling a commercial property or any other type of real estate deal, can be extremely complex and very complicated legally. If you are buying or selling real estate in California, you may want to consider having real estate attorneys, Sacramento residents can utilize these attorneys to navigate any deals and keep you protected.

One of the main reasons you want a Sacramento, real estate attorney is because buying or selling property is a very big investment both in time and finance. Without an attorney, you could be risking your assets unnecessarily and end up in a deal that is not suitable for your needs. When it comes to real estate lawyers Sacramento residents and business owners should keep these things in mind:

The Role of a Real Estate Attorney

When you work with a real estate lawyer, you will know that your rights and best interests are being kept at the forefront of any decision. A real estate attorney will be able to help file any disputes, go over any documents such as title and ownership records, research liens and other potential liability areas, and much more.

Unlike a real estate agent that is only interested in making a sale to earn a commission, a real estate attorney is there to protect your assets and minimize any risk during a transaction. From ensuring that all documents are in order and any contracts have been thoroughly vetted to keeping your interests in mind, an attorney will be able to prevent financial loss and ensure that deals go smoothly.

Additionally, depending on whichreal estate lawyers Sacramento business owners or residents choose, your lawyer may also be able to help with property law, deal with disputes involving escrow, assist with any zoning variance requirements, and anything else that needs to be taken care of to ensure you can purchase or sell a property as efficiently as possible.

Stay Protected As A Buyer Or A Seller

It is important to note that you should consider having a real estate attorney during any type of real estate investment or transaction regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller. When you are selling property, you want to ensure you have someone on your side to make sure all of your documentation is in order and the sale has no loopholes or missing contract clauses.
As a buyer, real estate attorneys in Sacramento will ensure that all disclosure statements have been thoroughly examined to ensure that a potential seller is being honest and not trying to hide any problems with the property. In the case that there are issues with a contract, attorneys will be able to help with litigation or determine if a lawsuit should be pursued and if there are any grounds to seek damages.  
It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing or selling property or making a transaction in the residential or commercial sectors—an attorney will make sure you are protected every step of the way.

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