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Posted by jfab67 on March 18th, 2016

 With most of us considering a car pretty much a necessity nowadays; it can be frightening how much they can cost to keep on the road. As well as the legal costs such as tax and insurance, there is also an MOT and then it is recommended that there is a regular service. If you find a garage that you know you can trust, it is not as frightening as it can be for others. If you use a car garage Cranbrook, you will be able to the service and MOT carried out when they are needed.

Once a car reaches three years old it has to have an MOT and failure to comply with this can lead to a fine, points on your licence, and if there is an accident it could render your insurance null and void. To make sure that you are driving legally on the road, look into MOTS Cranbrook and arrange to have your car looked at. If there are small things that need to be corrected, it may be possible to have the work carried out at the same time, but for bigger jobs another appointment may be needed.

For this reason, make sure that the first one is carried out before the old MOT expires as you could find that you are not covered and in a lot of trouble. As well as an MOT, there are plenty of other procedures that can be carried out as there are times that work needs to be done even when there is not an MOT looming. Clutches can go at the slightest thing, and a cam belt can be a temperamental piece of equipment.

A car garage Cranbrook will have the parts, equipment and engineers that can get a car back on the road with a minimum of fuss and with a reasonable bill. Even if it is an MOT that is required and you fail, the re-sit will not be charged for, and any work that needs to be done will be described and priced before it I carried out. While some garages will deal with a specific brand of car, here will be a lot who will be able to work on all brands. The only issue may be the fact that the parts used will not be genuine maker’s parts, but even so they will be a good brand and more that fit for purpose.

Even if the vehicle is now so old that it is classed as vintage, it will be a pleasure to carry out MOTS Cranbrook on it. In case there are concerns about the work to be done, you can speak to an engineer who will explain what work is going to be done and also discuss the sort of price that will be charged. Kent will have a lot of garages that are offering MOTs and regular repairs and services, and if you happen to live in or around Cranbrook, you will have the pick of the crop to visit.

If you want a car garage Cranbrook business that will always take your auto like a professional, visit our website today. We are the best mechanics and can be depended upon to provide the best MOTS Cranbrook services before your vehicle is taken for inspection.

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