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Posted by Vinvian62 on March 18th, 2016

The NCSoft team in west has announced the next Blade & Soul expansion, Silverfrost Mountains will be arriving later this SPRING. Without specific release date, it is speculated to come on April 6, referring to the pattern of NCSoft to announce and release a patch. The expansion will raise level cap to 50 and Hongmoon Level 10, and introduce new Zaiwei capital city, new 8 dungeons and more to the game.
First review of Silverfrost Mountains new contents

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With Unchained update is still spreading in Blade & Soul, NCSoft team has announced another new expansion to be coming this Spring. Called Silverfrost Mountains, this upcoming expansion is the largest update to Blade & Soul yet. New contents include the new Zaiwei capital city, eight exciting new dungeons, 24-player open world instances called Frostscale Basin and Beastbog, Soulstone Plains PvP zone, continuance of the weapon & accessory upgrade path, and clan crafting improvements. What’s more, Silverfrost Mountains allows players to pay more effort to hit higher level - the character level cap is increased to 50, and Hongmoon Level increased to 10.
What is the release date of Silverfrost Mountains?

50 level cap, new Zaiwei capital city, 8 new dungeons, all are exciting. However, the most popular question might be when will Silverfrost Mountains expansion release. Safewow has caught some information that suggested the release date should be April 6. Let’s see some important facts below:
1. The mushins tower patch was announced in mid January, released on Feb 10
2. The warlock patch was announced in mid February, released on March 3
3. The silverfrost patch is announced in Mid March, will release on _____.
If pattern continues than the next patch release date is most likely April 6 when the daily dash ends. Of course, we can’t say for certain whether it is the precise time for releasing, so just take it with a grain of salt.

Though there is not much information, NCSoft told this is only the brief overview of Silverfrost Mountains update. Content previews, livestream overviews, and full patch will be offered successively, so just stay tuned. And if you need blade and soul gold for preparation, safewow is providing cheap and safe bns gold with 8% discount by code “BNS8”. Enjoy it!

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