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Posted by Vinvian62 on March 18th, 2016

As NCSoft moves forward, Silverfrost Mountains is expected to hit Blade & Soul later this Spring. To help players enjoy new updates, safewow will offer a month of 10% free bonus for bns gold starting on March 18. Plus the existing 8% discount code, you can expect the cheapest blade & soul gold here!
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Safewow spring promo for free Blade and Soul Gold giveaway is upcoming at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Mar.25, 2016.

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Meanwhile safewow 10% free bonus blade and soul gold Promotion is underway during Mar.18-Apr.18.

To welcome the new expansion, safewow will hold a one-month 10% free bonus for bns gold from March 18 to April 18, 2016. Once you buy bns gold on safewow (regardless of the amount), you can immediately get 10% for free. For example, if you buy 20 gold on safewow, you will get 2 gold for free. The more gold you buy, the more free bonus you will get. Note that all extra bonus will be automatically added into the corresponding products, so you can just place an order as usual.
Safewow has been providing customers legit Blade & Soul gold since the game got live in North America and Europe, and we are dedicated to offering players with the lowest price. Except for the regular cash coupons or discount code for all-site products, there is also a long-term 8% discount code “BNS8” exclusively for Blade & Soul gold. Don’t miss this code when you buy cheapest bns gold on safewow!
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Get bored of the long waits for bns gold purchasing? Want your legit blade and soul gold most urgently? Safewow knows how antsy players are during the waiting. Few minutes delay of gold delivery may ruin your days’ adventure. Choose safewow, it will no longer be a problem. With experienced gamers to farm gold and professional 24/7 Live Help to help you in trade, you can easily get gold in fast delivery within 10-20 minutes or even shorter. Just enjoy the fun in your game. So why not buy cheapest bns gold on safewow and save your time to enjoy the greatest game fun?

In addition, safewow promises to supply the safest bns gold that 100% handmade by our gamers. Thus, if you are in need gold for new content, come here and have a try! The 10% free bonus and 8% discount are waiting for you!

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