Is your Field Agent Slacking at Work? Use the Employee Location Tracking App to

Posted by sunainaram on March 18th, 2016

One of the biggest problems faced by managers is to track the work of their out-of-office team. It is easy to check if an employee is working properly when he/she is in an office environment. However, this is not possible when the employee is working out in the field or is constantly on the travel meeting customers. In such cases what can you do if you feel that some employees are slacking in their work? You can make use of the employee location tracking app.

While working out of office, it becomes easy to ignore deadlines or work at a slower pace as there is no one to constantly keep a tab on their work. Another reason for slacking could be lack of motivation. Sales agents and customer relationship executives will be on road almost every day of the month. This can get tiring and frustrating, especially if they have to deal with complaints all day long. Even if you constantly keep a tab on your field agents, there are plenty of chances that they will try to dodge your monitoring and take an easy way out of the tasks that have been assigned to them. The employees may also tell you that it took a long time to travel to the customer’s place and so they were not able to complete the task on time. Or they may have other excuses like getting stuck in traffic or having no vehicle to travel. Sometimes, your service and maintenance executives may not even call the customer’s house and report that there was no one at home. All these little things will create a bad impression about your company. Plus, you will be paying an employee and spending on travel, food, and accommodation without getting any productive work from him. This problem can be solved if you use the GPS device to track the employee location.

The employee location tracking app can be easily installed in a smartphone that your field agent can carry with him. Your marketing executive can report for work via the application. The manager can assign tasks to the employee using the application. When the agent gets the allotted task, he can complete the task and then immediately report the task completion. This way, the manager will be able to track employee location and work done. Plus, the employee need not have to travel to the head office every morning and evening for attendance. It will save a lot of time and effort that can be used to improve his productivity. When you use the mobile location tracking app, the employee will feel that you’re constantly watching their work. So, he will not slack and complete his work on time.

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