Convenient 12 Volt Heater to Warm You Up On a Ride

Posted by My12voltstore on March 18th, 2016

You are driving your recreational vehicle (RV) with your family in tow to the mountains on a long holiday weekend, and it is snowing heavily outside. All weather stations predict a blizzard. You can still feel the chill in spite of wearing several layers of warm clothing. The temperature is making everyone shiver in the camper. What does one do in such conditions? 12-volt heaters are the perfect solution for situations like these. 

12-volt heaters provide warmth – warm air or heat, depending on the heater type. Compact in size, 12-volt heaters can easily be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in vehicles, making them a must have electric gadget for rides in cold weather conditions. Easy handling and portability make them an essential travel accessory. 12-volt heaters come with a long, durable wire extending their reach to occupants as far as the back seat in vehicles. They can be conveniently moved around to blow hot air in the required direction to provide respite from the cold in freezing temperatures. 

Ergonomically designed lightweight and portable 12-volt heaters can be used both indoors as well as outdoors though they are usually meant to be used in enclosed spaces. They are good for the occasional traveler as well as truckers who spend a lot of time on the road and drive for long distances. If one decides to spend the night in the vehicle, these heaters can be turned on, drawing power from the vehicle battery allowing a good night’s sleep. 

12-volt heaters offer several benefits. Important ones are discussed below. 

  •  Effective Heating: Small in size, 12-volt heaters provide an effective heating solution in cold weather conditions. They function well in running vehicles, quickly heating up the cabin or any enclosed space. Safety is not a concern as they come with features like battery guards and adjustable thermostats. 
  • Defrosting Windows: In addition to providing warmth in cold weather, 12-volt heaters also help in getting rid of the frost which forms on windshields and rolled up windows. They can also clear out the fogging caused by breathing. By pointing the direction of the vent towards windows, the heater defrosts the windows in a matter of minutes, significantly improving visibility. 
  • Low Power Consumption: 12-volt heaters consume much less electricity than full-fledged room heaters. Their low voltage setting of 12-volts is ideal for use with a vehicle or power backup battery. They also come in low wattage models compared to regular room heaters, and can provide more heat for each unit of electricity they consume. Low power consumption makes these a popular travel and camping accessory. 
  • Durability: These heaters are built using good quality materials so that they withstand the bumps and shakes of a road trip. Their durable nature allows them to be easily stored in the boot space of the vehicle when not in use. 
  • Convenience: 12-volt heaters offer the benefit of convenience and portability. Being lightweight, they can easily be positioned in any direction in RVs, campers, and trucks to provide warmth to one or all the occupants in a vehicle. 

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