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Do you want to add even more refinement and beauty to your home or apartment? Check out our tips and learn how to choose wooden flooring for your home!

The decoration of environments allows a wide variety of combinations of colors, styles, shapes and finishes, making it possible to create beautiful, elegant and beautiful environments, but which are also functional, practical and attractive, gaining more and more followers and becoming each increasingly popular, which makes the search for original decorative projects and interesting decoration materials more and more, as is the case of the wooden floor, which is becoming popular once again and gaining space in elegant decorations throughout the world.

The look that is finished is one of the main benefits of Hardwood Flooring Houston According to us. Wood floors possess a distinctive aesthetic. They give the stunning warm, timeless appearance of stair treads Houston. Real hardwood floors such as those featured in the Tuscan Flooring collection aid to create the illusion of spaciousness in any space they are featured in.

If you are looking for an elegant, traditional and very beautiful option for your home flooring or even looking to know how to use wooden flooring in a beautiful, practical and elegant way in your home decor, this article was made especially for you, now that we will exclusively teach you how to choose, how to care for and how to maintain this type of flooring. Check out our best tips now and learn how to choose wooden flooring!

How to choose wooden flooring

Before choosing the wooden floor that best fits your needs, it is important that you keep in mind some important elements for decorating rooms with this type of flooring, it is also interesting that you take into account that this type of floor requires greater care, both in the choice and in its maintenance, but also that it will offer a differentiated and elegant finish for any decorative project.

Check out some suggestions for using wooden flooring in your decor:

Choosing the floor according to the decorative style: A suggestion from experts for the correct and attractive use of the wooden floor is to know how to combine the use of this element with the decorative style of the environment, as even different styles can use wooden floors for its finishing, but each style presents different results with the use of this material.

If the environment where the wooden floor will be used follows the retro style of decoration, it may be interesting to use wooden flooring in more intense colors or even opt for more retro solutions, such as wooden blocks, which have a differentiated finish and allow you get very creative and interesting effect for the room.

Care in wooden floor maintenance: Another issue that you should be aware of when using wooden flooring in your decorative project is the need for more careful and constant maintenance than options in ceramic, porcelain or even granite, since the wood tends to absorb more dirt and wear out if not methodically cared for.

Wood Floor Types

In the current decorative market, three main types of wooden flooring are most frequently used, the most common being solid wood, reforestation wood and demolition wood. your decor.

Solid wood : Solid wood is the most traditional option for covering the floor with wood, but it can also be the most expensive option, as it requires a larger amount of wood to be produced, also requires environmental authorization and can cost up to triple of the other similar options.

Reforestation wood: An ecologically sustainable option that allows for great decoration options, the reforestation wood floor uses wood from renewable and sustainable sources, having effects as beautiful and elegant as solid wood.


Demolition wood : Demolition wood can be of any previous type, but it is characterized by being reused from demolished work, which also makes it ecologically sustainable, in addition to having a strong vintage appeal in the decorative design.

What did you think of our tips and learning how to choose wooden flooring for your home decor? Be sure to check out all the exclusive content that Atelier Classic has prepared for you and leave your comment below!

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