Stripping and Extraction: Efficient tools

Posted by EWebSolutions on March 19th, 2016

Steam stripping is the process of concentrating the dilute mixtures of the organic compounds in the water. It is highly favored in those cases where a heavy compound is water and light compound is the combination of organics having volatile nature.

For best working of stripping column, uniform distribution of the present form is essential. The efficiency of stripping columns completely depends on the properties of the materials that has to be removed and also in terms of its discarding and recycles. For the past 30 years, their manufactured machinery designs have been helping in various industries and are appreciated for its efficiency.

Some basic principles of this machine which includes:-

  • Uniformity In Pressure Drop
  • Regular Temperature Change
  • Energy Requirements
  • Movement Of Fluids
  • Extent Of The Separation procedure
  • Timely Phase Contacts
  • Resistance Rate

For any type of extractor, one factor is always played as a significant aspect and that is the design of the system.

Rufouz Hitek Engineers Pvt. Ltd. brings an excellent class of Liquid-Liquid Extraction column to meet your all purification requirements. They don't believe in just doing business, in spite of that they offer valuable solutions to our esteemed clients. Their systems are very easy to use and are made of the finest range of raw materials. The amount of effectiveness of this process is mainly depending upon the reaction harvests that are timely removed from the reaction section through the distillation method. They offer such technologies to acquire the higher range of product yields. They provide services without compromising on the side of safety. They are the leading column manufacturers and offer this type of technology in the form of extraordinary chemical reaction packages.

Advantages of this machine:-

  • Easy Installation
  • Cheaper Price Rate
  • Proper Mechanical hold
  • Quality System
  • a reduced amount of Investment
  • Great Output
  • Low Energy Rate
  • Utilization Of Producing Heat

They offer you in keeping the mind all the latest technical specifications. It is a mass relocate process in which a direct contact is made by a liquid solution with an immiscible or near to immiscible solvent to exhibit the selectivity towards the one or more components of the substance. These results in the two output forms, one is taken out that is carrying solvent rich solution and another raffinate, holding the residual feed solution with little bit solute.

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