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Posted by smotij on March 20th, 2016

Perhaps you may be wondering what transcription is all about maybe as a novice or you don’t really know the actual meaning of transcription.

Well, I’m pleased to tell you that Transcription in a dialectal sense is the systematic representation of oral or spoken languages in a written form. As this involves translation or conversion, lots of people that have been hearing of it see it to be the same with language translation or transliteration. This is definitely wrong because language translation has its own different meaning which is converting or representing writings from a lingua/language to another, translating from Arabic Language to English Language is a good instance. In furtherance, transliteration has its own different meaning as it is the representation of characters unambiguously, and ideally, or the transferring of characters from one script to another script. The fact about transliteration is that it has nothing to do with sounds.

I’m sure you can now differentiate Transcription from Language Translation and Transliteration. So, if you are looking for transcription companies rendering transcription services, you are most welcome to our great company Cabbage Tree Solutions and you don’t need to travel long distances to meet us, and that is why we advice our clients and customers to reach us through

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