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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on July 17th, 2021

BC Place recently launched the in-seat experience at over 1,500 seats. Ready technology not only aims to increase concessions sales through in-seat mobile order at these seats, qr code menu but to reduce congestion at concession stands. This goal is part of Bypass and Ready’s overall effort to transform the fan experience with more ways to order, pay, and enjoy. They provide your customers with a convenient and efficient way of ordering, while allowing you to save on printing costs. Moreover, QR codes promote hygiene and sanitation since diners and your staff won’t have to risk physical contact by passing the menu from one set of hands to another. Lastly, these codes are useful for brand awareness and marketing purposes. Promote other products, partnerships, or discounts with packaging inserts, posters, and other offline marketing materials. Get customers to scan and purchase through a Shopcode instead to have their order delivered to their door. By incorporating Shopcodes into your product packaging, offline shoppers can scan them to learn more about your products. Initially, QR codes were used in the automotive industry mainly for production, tracking, and shipping. However, slowly it got adopted outside the automotive industry for applications that included item identification and marketing. It has a pattern of black squares that are arranged on a square grid with a white background. Imaging devices such as smartphone cameras can be used to read these QR Codes. Today, we all are well familiar with the iconic black and white square design of a QR code. The increased penetration of smartphones and access to high-speed internet has led to the massive adoption of the QR codes. By interacting with any page, you are giving consent to set cookies. Try Sociavore free for 14 days, and explore all the tools you need to build a modern restaurant website. Download the QR code and print physical copies which can be placed on to a poster or anywhere on the table. GUESTBOX Strengthen relationships and provide the best experience for your guests. You may configure your menu to hide/show certain product based on the ordering method. While you may already have some idea of design, the right provider can help with the full process to ensure a seamless experience across your brands, portfolio, and interfaces. The right provider will work to align resources to your goals with zero impact on your customers. While digital food ordering system implementation is exciting, your partner needs to focus on resource management and turning your vision into reality. With Trivec Buddy, a single guest can order and be served at the table rather than risk losing the table and be forced to pack up valuables just to go and order. Trivec Buddy integrates with your POS system from Trivec, which means you administer the app (digital menus, etc.) in your POS. Long gone are the days when you needed to work in more than one system. Now, you can create different menus for different purposes in one and the same place. The industry-leading POS solution from quick service to small and medium sized restaurants. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. There are several different ways to use Square to accept QR codes at your business. When completing any transaction on the Square POS app, the customer can scan a QR code on your POS device and pay on their own phone—and also add a tip, if they like. You can also print out QR codes on receipts or for a larger display. A QR code payment is a transaction your customer completes by scanning a two-dimensional barcode using their phone’s camera. It looks at the individual grid squares and assigns each one a value based on whether it is black or white. A QR reader can identify a standard QR code based on the three large squares outside the QR code. Once it has identified these three shapes, it knows that everything contained inside the square is a QR code. That’s the reason why we see it almost everywhere whether it’s for shopping, movies, ads, etc. Later on, I was pleasantly surprised to see how different and advanced this technology turned out to be. You can generate a dynamic QR code everytime a customer want to place an order. Dynamic QR code is useful in preventing fradulant orders when you only intend to capture the customer order but does not want to receive the payment online. It’s intended to help restaurants offer a safer experience for customers and staff by reducing interaction and allowing guests to avoid waiting in line. In addition to our new contactless payment option, you can also view our menu through a QR code too. No problem, you can easily pull up our entire menu right on your phone. Simply take a picture of our menu QR code and you’ll be able to scroll through our entire menu on your own device. Scanning the QR code allows you to review your receipt, pay, tip and save your receipt directly to your personal phone. Digital orders skip over that bottleneck, go directly to the draft line, and let a bartender immediately pour out a drink. With Caboose Commons as its model, the company charged full steam ahead, targeting a very specific type of brewery, one with large taprooms, multiple spaces to activate, and a counter service or server model. “That first weekend without anyone knowing how to scan a QR code we saw 1,300 orders come through the app,” said Christian Behrle, Head of Sales for GoTab. Your guests may have left the restaurant, but your adverts on social media won’t leave them. With self-serve ordering, you can allow your customers to place alcohol orders online while dining at your restaurant or attending your event. You can also place a limit on how many alcoholic items a customer can order. Learn more about selling alcohol with Square Online for additional details specific to self-serve ordering. QR codes make offline advertising transactable and measurable. By simply scanning a code, users are prompted to complete a purchase, download an app, or watch videos. Aside from saving time and energy, it also allows you to properly measure your marketing campaign, as QR codes provide data that you need. They go through your system and can be further examined through your analytics. Naturally, you must set up the proper metrics such as location, time, and frequency to ensure the success of your promotional campaigns. If your website visitor wants to drop by your office, they can just pull out their phone and scan the QR code on your website. Instead of manually searching for the address on online maps, the QR code can give specific directions to your business location.

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