Popular Types of Custom Challenge Coins

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A challenge coin is a kind of small coin that represents the emblem or symbol of the organization. These coins can also be personalized according to the needs and choices of the buyers. Military challenge coins are usually given military departments such as Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Army to the unit or personnel troops to reward their outstanding bravery and commitment to the department. Today, custom military challenge coins are quite popular among police departments or corporate houses, and it is proved to be the perfect way to reward the dedication and commitment of military personnel or employee towards their organization. So if you are planning to buy custom made challenge coins then take a look at different types of custom military challenge coins before buying one.

Custom Military Coins

Custom Military Coins is the ideal way to honor veterans and military for their accomplishments dedication and bravery. The Custom Military Coins was first invented during World War I. These coins are crafted to demonstrate the integrity, service and courage of dedicated men and women towards their organization. It is also quite easy to customize these coins according to the needs; you can even select the metal of your choices such as nickel, copper, silver, nickel or brass for your military coins. Edge design option is also available for these coins such as wave-cut, rope cut, and cross cut.

Police Challenge Coins

Police challenge coins are an amazing piece of the item for rewarding the effort, dedication, and accomplishments of team members. It signifies the dedication and commitment of an officer that they officers make every day. These coins can be used to represent the entire department or specific units such as bomb disposal, crime department, S.W.A.T or particular squads.

Corporate Business Coins

Companies use Corporate Business Coins to reward the effort, accomplishments and dedication of employees.  These coins are the best way to celebrate the company’s success or recognize employee achievement. These coins come in various designs such as cross-cut or wave-cut edges to add elegance to the coins.

Fire Department Coins

Fire Department Coins is used to reward hard work, dedication, bravery and accomplishments to firefighters across the country. The fire department coins reflect the dedication and commitment of employees in an attractive, yet professional manner. These coins are crafted according to the quality standards of the firefighter equipment.

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