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Posted by Danyking on March 21st, 2016

Wonders never cease in the great world. Recently a guy from New Zealander called Rudeism is showing his broadcast of that play World of Warcraft by dance mats. Different from other people who played through Mobile phone projector, or the big screen in theaters, this guy has an even crazier goal: to reach100 in WOW by playing solely with dance mats! Interesting right? See details and buy cheap wow gold on safewow if you need.

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Rudeism is playing wow with dance mats

Starting on March 4, 2016, there are a series of broadcasts showing a guy playing World of Warcraft by dance mats. This crazy playing style is called as "Dancecraft" and created by Rudeism, a New Zealander who stream the Twitch. "I play games wrong" is the motto on his stream page. Now he has reached level 60 and he will still try to hit level 100. "I thought I was going to tire myself out by level 10, but I'm still going strong," Rudeism said earlier.
In fact, Rudeism has built a viewership north of 1,000 with his oddball play style of some popular games. For example, he had ever played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a guitar controller; Mirror's Edge with a steering wheel, and most recently, Superhot on a dance pad. While being asked why he play games in unusual way, he told that “I enjoy making life hard for myself”. As for the question from others if there is someone behind him with a controller, he explained that they couldn't even see past the greenscreen.

For entertainment or to get attention?

While Rudeism becomes famous for his challenging play style, he is also questioned to do that for views and attention. When some players support his behavior and regard it as “something new and entertaining”, there is also disapproval saying that dance mat being used to play stuff is an old idea, and so is “playing an mmo while people watch”. What’s worse, someone even criticizes that “ he’s dancing like a trained monkey for views”. Opinions are divided as to whether playing in unusual way is suitable. But safewow thinks this opinion is legit “he’s having fun, and no one is being harmed.” Yes, entertainment is the purpose of playing a game, so why stop people finding their fun?

If you like his playing way, you can check out his most recent stream here. But if not, just play a game any way you want. And if you need some wow gold cheap for the game, just come to safewow. We promises to provide you with fast and safe delivery.

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