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Bahrain has a rich art and culture scene that has been thriving since the 1950’s. A large part in the growth of modern art is owed to the Art and Literature Club of Bahrain that was established in 1952. It served as a catalyst for promoting creativity in the fields of music, art, and theatre. Some of the most popular types of art are Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. Calligraphy has achieved innovative and unprecedented heights over here. A lot of these traditional elements are being used in new and creative ways by Digital Agency in Bahrain.



Bahraini architecture is characteristic of Gulf Architecture, but certain features are unique to the region. Eastern influences in the woodwork and Portuguese influences in the design are just some of the significant elements that stand out. High walls and privacy were of primary importance to the builders. Coral blocks gave a beautiful, pinkish hue to the buildings. Geometry and symmetry are some of the elements very clearly visible in the architecture. An interesting play of light and dark in the design leads to a stunning display of shadows.

The Baqdeer or the ‘wind tower’ was a towering structure that rose above the main building of the house. They played an important part in the ventilation and cooling of the house. Beautiful Islamic motifs in geometric patterns are engraved on doors, windows, and the shutters.


Design elements from architecture can be applied to everything from modern art to web design services in Bahrain. Geometric patterns from traditional architecture can be used in modern graphics in a way that combines history and modernity. Contemporary design elements borrow heavily from ancient motifs with its intricate detailing. The coral and sandy colors of the buildings can be used which are reminiscent of the earthiness of the coral blocks. The earthy shades are pleasing and soothing to look at and make the viewers connect with the rich Bahraini heritage almost instantly. The water towers make for an interesting skyline that can be incorporated into the shapes and forms used in web design.

The best art is created by interpreting the traditional forms in a contemporary manner. Taking in the key elements of the Bahrain architecture that we see in the streets in our everyday lives and adding a new spin to it makes all the difference. We can incorporate bits and pieces of architectural design in graphics to give it a distinctive look that is impossible to find anywhere else. By incorporating ancient art forms in modern logos, fonts, images and other graphics, we can show that we are moving forward with technology but keeping our heritage in mind at the same time.

The use of ancient art in technology has become popular since quite some time. It has been used everywhere from motion pictures to App Development in Bahrain. Interactivo Gulf is one such agency that combines heritage and modern elements in a creative way that provides you with a different viewpoint. You can view some example of our exceptional designs at

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